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Von Roll: Result for 2012 heavily impacted by one-off effects

Au / Waedenswil, March 18, 2013

» 9.7% order intake decline to CHF 505.1 million
» 8.5% sales decline to CHF 497.1 million
» CHF -50.1 million EBIT mainly as a result of impairments

Von Roll Holding Ltd. today published its results for the 2012 financial year. 2012 was a disappointing year for Von Roll. Order intake declined to CHF 505.1 million in 2012 (2011: CHF 559.6 million). Von Roll Group sales for the financial year 2012 totaled CHF 497.1 million (2011: CHF 543.3 million). Insulations segment sales declined by 7.6 % and Composites segment sales by 7.1 %. Serious delivery delays impacted Transformer business line sales by 26 %, although the underlying production bottleneck problems were resolved in the last quarter. Regional sales development was affected by economic market environments. Americas region sales declined by CHF 14.2 million to CHF 126.9 million (2011: CHF 141.1 million). In Europe, the persistent market weakness resulted in a 7.6 % sales decline to CHF 259.2 million (2011: CHF 280.6 million). Sales in the Asia Region declined to CHF 111.0 million (2011: CHF 121.6 million), in particular due to the wind power business situation in India. The negative EBIT of CHF 50.1 million is mainly attributable to a combination of operating losses and impairments in the Transformer business. Extensive impairments were necessary for Transformer business in Israel, and also for the Shenzhen Insulations business in China due to nonattainment of the high margins assumed at the time of acquisition. Although positive after adjustment for one-off effects, the combined EBIT of the Insulations and Composites segments were disappointingly below the prior year result. Overall, the negative net income of 64.5 million is attributable to numerous nonrecurring effects. Operating cash flow is now positive after an encouraging rise of CHF 21 million compared with prior year.

The Insulations and Composites segments order intake remained weak at the beginning of 2013. Also overall, recessionary effects are still predominant in Europe.

Generally seen a short-term order intake trend as well as a limited business visibility can be observed. Despite the unfavorable business environment at the present time, Von Roll still adheres to the principle of the Group strategy announced last year. Since conditions in general have worsened, not least due to the difficult economic situation, the strategy implementation timeframe must be adapted realistically.

A number of investment projects were nevertheless launched last year. One of the largest, for example, involves comprehensively renewing most of the production and logistics systems at the main location in Breitenbach, Switzerland. Furthermore, several projects for new product developments and quality improvements are already in the pipeline.

For further details please refer to the Annual Report 2012, which can be downloaded at

Key figures

in 1,000 CHF 2012 2011 Change

Order intake

505'133 559'596


Net sales

497'064 543'262


thereof Insulations *

298'828 323'331


thereof Composites *

138'571 149'219


thereof Technologies

59'665 70'712



-50'110 6'635


One-off effects -49'559 -3'062 <-200%
Recurring EBIT -551 9'697 n.a.

Net income

-64'529 132 n.a.

Cash flow from operating activities




Equity ratio



-16 ppt.

Number of employees (FTE)

2'727 2'881 -5.3%

* 2011 restated


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As one of Switzerland's longest established industrial companies, Von Roll focuses on products and systems for power generation, transmission and distribution. Von Roll employs about 2 800 people at more than 30 locations in 19 countries, and is global market leader for insulation products, systems and services.

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