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Polyester cloth adhesive Isotape® 51600 PV3

Resin solutions for automotive sensors and PCBs

Energy Storage Solutions: Battery Protection

Impregnating Resins and Coatings

Casting, Potting, Encapsulation Systems

Aqua-Therm® Water-Based Solutions

Von Roll Insulation Training 2020 - Brochure

Winding Wires and Litz Wires

Isotape® Adhesive Tapes for Electrical Insulation

Cablosam® Tapes for Fire-Resistant Cables

Flexible Laminates Myoflex® Product Range

Insulating Systems for Low-Voltage Motors and Generators

Our products and solutions for the e-mobility and automotive industry

Products and Systems for the Electronics Industry

Insulating Systems for Wind Turbine Generators

Insulating Systems for High-Voltage Rotating Machines

Insulating Systems for Large Generators

Insulating Materials for Transformers and Inductive Appliances

Insulating Systems for Traction Motors

Oil-Filled Transformers: Adhesive Tape Product Range

GRP Flight and Gun Deck Safety Net Assemblies

E-Kote® and E-Solder® for electronics industry

Durotenax - Thermosetting material for high- and low-voltage applications

Machined parts (made in UK)

Top Pallet ESD 68920 for the electronic industry

GRP Guardrail Stanchions and Systems


Insulating Systems for the Motor Repair Industry

Motor and Generator Casting

Von Roll Insulation Training 2019 - Brochure