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Why people work at Von Roll

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7 good rea­sons to join us

1 | You are shaping the future

You want a job that has some mea­ning? Our pro­ducts are not just beco­m­ing more and more eco-friendly. They are play­ing a key role in future mar­kets such as rene­wa­ble ener­gies, indus­trial auto­ma­tiz­a­tion or e‑mobility.

2 | You let your crea­ti­vity run free.

Do you pre­fer to create rather than to admins­ter? We offer you ple­nty of free­dom to do so. Join us in defi­ning the future of our com­pany — and see your name men­tio­ned among ground­brea­king projects.

3 | You are fol­lowing a per­so­na­li­zed career path.

You want to take off and advance yourself. We’ll do ever­ything we can to sup­port your career plan — for example, with cus­to­mi­zed trai­ning or encou­ra­ging tan­dem pro­grams in which you’ll be men­to­red by our best people.

4 | You ope­rate in an inter­na­tio­nal com­mu­nity.

Do you like loo­king bey­ond natio­nal bor­ders and want to broa­den your hori­zons? As a com­pany with glo­bal ope­ra­ti­ons, we offer you exci­ting jobs in an inter­na­tio­nal envi­ron­ment and exci­ting cul­tu­ral exchange.

5 | You love what you do.

You want to make every day a spe­cial one? We are living a uni­que start-up groove in a tra­di­tio­nal com­pany that is con­stantly re-inven­ting its­elf. We are color­ful, diverse, open to your ideas and enjoy an active inter­change of ideas.

6 | Your actions will have a long-las­ting effect.

Do you want to work in a com­pany that is a lea­der in its indus­try for sus­taina­bi­lity? We have mas­si­vely redu­ced our CO2 emis­si­ons and use energy from rene­wa­ble sources such as solar power. Our mining ope­ra­ti­ons are cer­ti­fied to the stric­test standards.


7 | You will be part of a big family and taken care of.

Do you want to feel com­for­ta­ble in your working life? At Von Roll, we cul­ti­vate social life, orga­nize events, and fos­ter inter­ac­tion with each other. You will pro­fit from attrac­tive fringe benefits.