Chan­ging the game

800 volt char­ging — the next big thing in e‑mobility

More power, rapid charging

Incre­a­sing the on-board vol­tage to 800 V is con­si­de­red an important tool for exten­ding the range of electric vehi­cles and mas­si­vely acce­le­ra­ting char­ging times. As a result, long distance trips of 700 km non-stop are pos­si­ble. Rech­ar­ging breaks are redu­ced to less than 15 minutes.

Effects of high-vol­tage

Doub­ling the vol­tage to 800 V results in com­ple­tely new engi­nee­ring cons­traints for the design of the electric drive, the bat­tery, and the vehi­cle’s elec­tro­nics. A rede­sign of all electri­cal com­pon­ents is necessary. This is where Von Rol­l’s many years of exper­tise as the world mar­ket lea­der for electri­cal insu­la­tion sys­tems of high-vol­tage app­li­ca­ti­ons comes into its own. We know how to mas­ter the spe­cial phe­no­mena of high vol­tage, such as par­tial discharge, ther­mal stress, and high mecha­ni­cal load.

Ans­wers based on a system

We have adap­ted and sys­te­ma­ti­cally impro­ved our insu­la­tion sys­tems and resin solu­ti­ons for 800 volt sys­tems in electric vehi­cles. Thus, our pro­ducts incre­ase the lon­ge­vity, effi­ci­ency, and per­for­mance of e‑drives and bat­te­ries significantly.

Our solu­ti­ons are 100 % par­tial discharge resistant. This ensu­res reli­able and long-term pro­tec­tion of the motor, in par­ti­cu­lar, against the high vol­tage peaks that typi­cally occur in con­nec­tion with 800 V and the use of electri­cal inverters.

At the same time, our sys­tems ensure opti­mum heat dis­si­pa­tion — thus enab­ling a more com­pact design for motors and batteries.

In series pro­duc­tion, our solu­ti­ons offer uni­que advan­ta­ges such as short cycle times and maxi­mum envi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness at attrac­tive costs.