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Sus­tainable off­shore energy for future generations


High wind speeds on the coasts enable energy yields from off­shore wind farms on a pre­viously unach­iev­a­ble scale. The reli­able and cost-effi­ci­ent ope­ra­tion of these tur­bi­nes has only become pos­si­ble by deve­lo­ping extre­mely robust high-per­for­mance mate­ri­als. Tech­ni­cal down­time and necessary repairs are an enor­mous cost factor.

Inno­va­tive insu­la­tion mate­ri­als for wind generators

The insu­la­tion sys­tem for large wind gene­ra­tors recently deve­lo­ped by Von Roll can easily resist the hig­hest TEAM loads (Ther­mal-Electri­cal-Ambi­ent-Mecha­ni­cal). Our Sami­c­abond® Plus is a game-chan­ger for the next genera­tion of large off­shore wind generators.

And wind tur­bi­nes are get­ting big­ger and big­ger. The rea­son for this: As the length of the rotor bla­des grows, the energy out­put also grows expo­nen­ti­ally. Lea­ding manu­fac­tu­rers in wind energy are cur­r­ently instal­ling our Sami­c­abond® Plus sys­tem in the worl­d’s lar­gest wind gene­ra­tors. This is crea­ting the most power­ful ocean-based wind plat­forms to date, with an unmat­ched capa­city fac­tor of over 60 %.


Size to impress

» A sin­gle turn of the rotor sup­plies a house with electri­city for two days.
» Over 240 meters, as high as Big Ben, the Sta­tue of Liberty & the Arc de Triom­phe combined.
» At over 100 meters, the rotor bla­des are lon­ger than a jumbo jet.
» A sin­gle wind tur­bine powers more than 15,000 homes.
» One tur­bine saves 50,000 tons of CO2 emis­si­ons per year.