Aircraft industry

Our solutions and products for the aircraft industry

For years, Von Roll products are approved and flying. Von Roll has offered in the past decades the possibility to make very lightweight composite parts for aircrafts, especially for interior sandwich panels and electrical cabinets but also has offered a wide range of products suitable for electrical components.

More recently, Von Roll has been working on new technologies, to deliver today key benefits to our customers, especially for Interior cabin applications.

Over the years VonRoll has developed products and technologies that are applicable to different aircraft parts.

Composites in the aviation industry

Composites in the aviation industry meet the vital requirement of reducing weight while remaining highly functional.

Another indispensable property of the Von Roll composites used here is their fire resistance – they are flame-retardant andlow-fuming – which can only be achieved by choosing the ideal combination of raw materials.

As requirements differ depending on how the materials are used in the aircraft, a wide variety of composites (based on glass orcarbon fiber) are available to achieve the required properties as successfully as possible.