Cable industry

Our solutions for the cable industry

Safety requirements in the modern world have increased significantly. Electrical machines and installations must ensure maximum safety under harsh conditions such as fire.

Our products for fire-resistant cable technology

Fires can occur anywhere. But their effects can be particularly hazardous wherever large numbers of people are gathered together and in environments with a particularly high fire risk. In case of fire, vital information and functions need to be maintained, and power and signal cables must be adequately protected for a predefined period of time. Fire-resistant cables are used in:

  • Offshore oil rigs and onshore oil plants, petrochemical installations
  • Transport: e.g. ships, railways, subways, aircraft
  • Buildings and public places: e.g. skyscrapers, airports, hospitals
  • Power stations, nuclear plants, industrial plants
  • Telecommunication centers
  • Tunnels, mines
  • Military and marine facilities

By developing and producing state-of-the-art Cablosam® tapes for the manufacture of fire-resistant cables, Von Roll is making an important contribution to disaster prevention.

Cablosam® mica-based tapes keep vital electrical installations operational: e. g. safety equipment such as smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, water pumps and evacuation elevators that need to remain functional for many hours during a fire. Our Cablosam® mica products have a worldwide reputation and comply with the most stringent international standards. Von Roll provides cost-effective solutions for today’s high-volume production runs.