Coal power plants

Our solutions for turbo generators in coal power plants

Von Roll provides a unique, state-of-the-art range of insulation materials, composites, consulting, tests and services. Thanks to many years of experience, Von Roll is in a position to guarantee reliable, first-rate system consulting, testing and training in the field of both resin-rich (RR) and vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) technologies for turbo generators. We offer and deliver products to manufacturers (OEMs) as well as to repair shops. Our worldwide sales and distribution network allows us to serve and consult customers, independently of their locations.

Our products for turbo generators in thermal power plants

Von Roll is the leader in electrical insulation systems and an expert in the field of corona protection. In particular we offer:

- High thermal conductivity main wall tapes (HTCs) that enable higher performance through better thermal conductivity of the insulation

- Fast-curing materials that substantially increase productivity

- A new generation of conductive tapes that are more stable against corona effects with time and considerably increase the life span of electrical machines