Diesel generator sets

Our solutions for diesel gen sets

Diesel engine generators are subjected to variable loads and challenging environmental conditions, such as vibrations and extreme temperatures. Consequently, insulating systems must be highly reliable. Von Roll’s extensive insulation portfolio offers the appropriate materials to meet the challenging requirements of diesel gen sets.

We offer products for low- and high-voltage insulation systems for generators

The voltage output of generators in diesel gen-sets ranges from 440 V to 13.8 kV. A variety of insulation systems are available, -and fall in to two different categories:

  • Low-voltage insulation – typically up to a voltage output of 690 V, these systems are based on a random wound or form wound coil design
  • High-voltage insulation – for voltage output up to 13.8 kV, these systems are based on a form-wound coil design both in vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) and resin-rich (RR) technology