Electronics industry

Our solutions for the electronics industry

The need for electronic devices in all sectors is increasing. In the telecommunications and computer field, in automotive, rail, military, aerospace and consumer industries., fast technological changes in soldering processes demand higher-performing materials.

Our products for manufacturers of PCBs

Von Roll offers solutions that enable consistently high-quality production of electronic devices such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), using state-of-the-art processes with low manufacturing costs.

In the PCB industry, Von Roll is recognized as the original manufacturer of CDM® –Composite Delmat Material – with expertise in solder pallet and frame design. Through continued development of our CDM® and Durapol® product portfolio, Von Roll confidently meets the PCB industry demands for solder frames, pallets and test adaptors.

The Von Roll range for the electronics industry covers:

  • The original solder pallet materials: CDM® and Durapol®
  • Wide experience with solder pallet materials: CDM® and Durapol®
  • A dedicated product range: ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection systems for PCB assembly.
  • High-frequency litz wires and fine wires for electronic applications