Presses and ovens

With our products for optimized production processes we aim to protect people and machinery, and save energy.

Von Roll offers a complete range of temperature-resistant materials with well-established performance. The low thermal conductivity of our products enables substantial energy costs savings.

Von Roll has developed a portfolio of efficient, asbestos-free and lasting thermal products for all appliances that require long-lasting heat protection, such as:

  • Tool makers for presses
  • Induction ovens and arc furnaces
  • Smelters, furnaces and foundries
  • Household appliances
  • Rubber tires for cars, trucks and aircraft
  • Plastic and rubber injection and molding
  • Compressed wood or particle panel presses

Our thermal products are able to withstand continuous temperatures of between 200 and 900°C and peak temperatures of up to 1200°C under different pressures and environmental conditions. The proven insulation effects and the long-term use of Von Roll composites enable substantial cost savings and significant improvements in quality that provide value to our customers.