Wind power plants

Our solutions for wind turbine generators

The difficulty of access and the extreme environmental conditions demand that wind turbine generators be designed with highly reliable insulating systems. The insulation system and materials used for a wind turbine generator are a critical component for its long-term operation. The insulating materials are similar to conventional generators but must be carefully selected in order to meet specific requirements.

The voltage output of generators in wind turbines ranges from 440V to 6kV. A variety of insulation systems are available and can be classified according to two different types:

  • Low-voltage insulation – typically up to a voltage output of 900-V, these systems are based on a random-wound or form-wound coil design with dipping
  • High-voltage insulation – for voltage output up to 6-kV, these systems are based on a form-wound coil design mostly in vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)

Besides the insulation system for random- and form-wound coils, we offer a solution for concentrated single-tooth coils, which are increasingly used in direct-drive wind generators.

In addition to the traditional flat wire we also provide a lean coil production set-up and thus a more efficient generator.