Sale of non-ope­ra­tio­nal land at the Brei­ten­bach site

Brei­ten­bach, April 1, 2021 — The Von Roll Group has suc­cee­ded in sel­ling the land at the Brei­ten­bach site that has been unused for years. The buy­er is Stei­ner Invest­ment Foun­da­ti­on, which works clo­se­ly with Stei­ner AG, one of the lar­gest real esta­te deve­lo­pers in Switzerland.

The trans­fer is very attrac­ti­ve for both par­ties. The land acqui­red by Stei­ner Invest­ment Foun­da­ti­on is cen­tral­ly loca­ted in the com­mu­ni­ty of Brei­ten­bach and is the­re­fo­re sui­ta­ble for the expan­si­on of resi­den­ti­al and com­mer­cial space. With the sale, the Von Roll Group rea­li­zes a high cash inflow, which will be inves­ted com­ple­te­ly for future growth.

The pro­duc­tion and admi­nis­tra­ti­on cur­r­ent­ly loca­ted at the Brei­ten­bach site will stay in full ope­ra­ti­on on the remai­ning land in the future.


About Von Roll Hol­ding AG: As a Swiss indus­tri­al com­pa­ny, Von Roll Hol­ding AG focu­ses on pro­ducts and sys­tems for power genera­ti­on, trans­mis­si­on, sto­rage and dis­tri­bu­ti­on. Von Roll is a glo­bal mar­ket lea­der for electri­cal insu­la­ti­on pro­ducts, sys­tems and ser­vices and has a world­wi­de pre­sence in 14 sites with around 1,000 employees. The com­pa­ny sup­plies cus­to­mers in over 80 countries.



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