Von Roll hono­red as top employer in the SME sector

Brei­ten­bach, 9th Febru­ary 2023


The well-estab­lis­hed Swiss com­pany Von Roll Hol­ding AG has won several awards and can once again count its­elf among the best employ­ers in Ger­many and Switz­er­land in the cur­rent year 2023. The inter­na­tio­nally active medium-sized com­pany thus pro­ves once again that a modern cor­po­rate cul­ture that lea­ves room for crea­ti­vity and a family-like working atmo­s­phere pay off.

The lack of skil­led workers across all indus­tries poses enor­mous chal­len­ges for many com­pa­nies. Employees can now choose their employer, which has led to fierce com­pe­ti­tion for qua­li­fied spe­cia­lists and mana­gers. Com­pa­nies today have to offer app­li­cants a lot in terms of cor­po­rate cul­ture, working atmo­s­phere, deve­lo­p­ment oppor­tu­nities and variety of tasks in order to win them over. That means crea­tive stra­te­gies are nee­ded to iden­tify and inspire sui­ta­ble employees for one’s own company.

The Von Roll Group repeatedly suc­ceeds in retai­ning out­stan­din­gly qua­li­fied young talent for the long term and is demons­tra­bly one of the top employ­ers in Ger­many and Switz­er­land. This is pro­ven by several recent ratings in both coun­tries. For example, Von Roll Deutsch­land GmbH not only made it onto the short­list of the Human Resour­ces Excel­lence Awards in the cate­gory “Can­di­date Expe­ri­ence”, but was also named a Top Medium-Sized Employer in Ger­many 2023 by Focus maga­zine. In Switz­er­land, too, Von Roll is one of the employ­ers with “High attrac­ti­ve­ness” accord­ing to the online panels con­duc­ted by Ser­viceVa­lue. This rating is only awar­ded to employ­ers with above-average sur­vey results. The nati­on­wide sur­vey exami­ned com­pa­nies that enjoy a par­ti­cu­larly good repu­ta­tion among the public.

In addi­tion, the Swiss hid­den cham­pion was voted by its employees among the top 5 per­cent of the most popu­lar employ­ers on kununu, the best-known employer rating plat­form in the Ger­man-spea­king world with 1.1 mil­lion regis­tered com­pa­nies. As a result, Von Roll has qua­li­fied for the title of “Top Com­pany 2023”, as it did last year.

“We are very plea­sed to be ran­ked among the best employ­ers in Ger­many and Switz­er­land, both in objec­tive ran­kings and in the eyes of our employees. For us, it is important to find those who best fit Von Roll and, of course, to keep them. Respect­ful and trus­ting inter­ac­tion is just as essen­tial for this as very short decision-making pro­ces­ses and a high degree of per­so­nal respon­si­bi­lity,” exp­lains Jür­gen Gei­ger, Glo­bal Head of Human Resour­ces at Von Roll Hol­ding AG.

Fur­ther infor­ma­tion about the com­pany and inter­na­tio­nal career oppor­tu­nities at Von Roll Hol­ding AG are avail­able on the home­page at Let’s Von Roll tog­e­ther.


About Von Roll Hol­ding AG

Foun­ded in 1823, Von Roll is one of the most tra­di­tio­nal com­pa­nies in Switz­er­land. In the course of the com­pany’s history, Von Roll has had to adapt several times to a chan­ging mar­ket envi­ron­ment and has thus evol­ved from the lar­gest Swiss steel and iron­works into a state-of-the-art indus­trial com­pany that is hel­ping to drive the energy transition.

Today, Von Roll is the glo­bal mar­ket lea­der for electri­cal insu­la­tion sys­tems used in the lar­gest wind tur­bi­nes, deve­lops high-per­for­mance tech­ni­cal mate­ri­als for the next genera­tion of bat­te­ries in the field of elec­tro­mo­bi­lity, and pro­du­ces par­ti­cu­larly envi­ron­ment­ally friendly plastics for the air­craft indus­try. With 14 sites world­wide and around 1,000 employees, the Group sup­plies cus­to­mers in more than 80 countries.

Kent Gaert­ner

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