Inno­va­tions fly high

Our solu­ti­ons for the air­craft of tomorrow

Ligh­ter, safer, cost-effi­ci­ent and a lot more eco-friendly. These are the air­crafts of tomorrow.

Our inno­va­tive mate­ri­als not only with­stand mecha­ni­cal, ther­mal and che­mi­cal stress with ease. At the same time, they exceed all rele­vant fire safety requi­re­ments and are extre­mely light­weight. In this way, they make an important con­tri­bu­tion to safety and (cost) effi­ci­ency in air traffic.

Ano­t­her advan­tage: our anhydride‑, phe­nol- and sol­vent-free Nxt­Gen resin sys­tem is par­ti­cu­larly eco-friendly and easy to apply.

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Inno­va­tive resin formulation

At the core of our newly deve­lo­ped FST prep­regs and core fil­lers for air­craft cabin inte­riors is an inno­va­tive, epoxy-based resin system.

Com­pa­red to com­mer­cially avail­able phe­nol-based solu­ti­ons, it offers greatly impro­ved flame retar­dancy, opti­mi­zed pro­cessa­bi­lity, grea­ter sto­rage sta­bi­lity at room tem­pe­ra­ture and maxi­mum envi­ron­men­tal compatibility.