Auxiliary materials

Protection, preparation, stack consolidation and shrinking tapes with specific properties complete our product portfolio for entire insulation systems.

Depending on the design for HV motor coils or Roebel bars for generators, Von Roll has developed a number of stack consolidation tapes and materials under the names of Thermopreg®, Glasoflex® and stack consolidation mastic under the name of Samica® mastics.

For cost-effective application, a complete range of fast-curing products for these materials is available as well.

The simplicity of the winding process for machines with dry coils is a recognized benefit for Vacuum Process Impregnation (VPI) technology. Von Roll has developed a wide range of glass- and polyester-based ropes, cords and sleeves for "surge ring" intercoil bracing under the trade name of Isorope® (Isocord, Isosleeve). For Resin-Rich applications, the dry cords will have to be impregnated.

The main benefits of these cords are:

  • Class C (glass) and F (polyester) applications
  • Compressibility and resilience
  • Glass or polyester yarn on the outside
  • Wide range of dimensions

The overhangs of coils and bars contain materials that must be protected against moisture, mechanical load, damage, resin flow, and atmospheric pollutants. The shrinking characteristics and mechanical toughness of Von Roll's Epoflex tapes are porously designed for these applications.

Protection tapes

Separating foils are used as layers to protect the insulation. They are an important part of the manufacturing process, mainly for the Resin Rich technology. These foils are always removed after processing.

The separating foils prevent the coils and bars from bonding to the press plates during hot-pressing operation and improve the final shape of the coil or the bar.

Shrinking tapes are used in several applications, where shrinking behaviour is required to compress the standard insulation material to reduce the volume.