Round wires

Von Roll offers a complete range of round enameled, yarn-braided or taped copper wires for a wide range of applications.

Your benefits

  • High-quality solutions for extreme operating conditions, such as nuclear, high  corona-discharge risk and high temperatures
  • Wire with improved mechanical strength, with high-temperature class and high breakdown voltage
  • Wide range of yarn insulation builds possible (very thin, reinforced, etc.)
  • Mica-taped round wire with outstanding performance
  • Wide range of polyimide tapes and experience in their applications
  • Wide dimension and diameter range
  • Worldwide service through our own sales offices and agents
  • Competent, customer-focused partners providing solutions
Round wires enamelled and covered

Von Roll offers special enameled round copper wires for high-end applications in the dimension range 0.355 up to 5.00 mm (Grade 0, Grade 1 and Grade 2).


High-temperature wires with indices up to 240°C. Chemistries are modified polyesterimide, polyamide-imide and aromatic polyimide (original Pyre-ML). Our nickel-plated copper significantly improves the lifetime under high temperature and radiation due to better bonding.


Self-bonding wires allow motor or generator manufacturers to avoid using impregnation varnish and thus to reduce manufacturing time cycles.


Corona discharge-resistant enameled wires for use in inverter driven motors. Lifetime under corona-discharge conditions for our Thermex®CR is 200 times higher than standard enameled wires.


  • Motors and generators for the aviation and marine industry
  • Fire-resistant motors for tunnel ventilation
  • Motors and equipment in the nuclear field
  • Contactor and magnet coils subjected to extreme conditions
  • Inverter-driven motors
  • Magnet and conductor coils subjected to voltage peaks
Enamelled round wires

Von Roll offers a complete range of glass fiber-covered round copper wires. All Grades are available with a B-stage overcoat in the dimension range from 0.355 to 6.00 mm.


A bare or enameled wire braided with glass fibers and subsequently impregnated, suitable for a temperature range of 155°C to 240°C. Nickel plating on the copper improves the lifetime under high-temperature conditions.


A bare or enameled wire braided with a mixed glass/polyester cover with a temperature index range of 155°C to 180°C. Daglas® has very good mechanical properties.

VS 220 EF / VS 240 EF

Glass braided wire with high-temperature indices of 220°C and 240°C and outstanding mechanical properties.


  • Fire-resistant motors for tunnel ventilation
  • High-voltage motors up to 3kV
  • Traction motors
  • Oil-immersed pumps
  • Heavy-duty  motors

Von Roll offers a complete range of mica-insulated round copper wires in the dimension range from 0.355 up to 6.0 mm.

With our very thin mica tapes we use the advantages of mica for high corona-discharge and temperature-resistance applications. Mica-taped round wires are an excellent choice as low-voltage winding wires with outstanding performance.

Round bare or enameled wire covered with a very thin mica tape. This wire has an outstanding resistance to corona-discharge and is particularly suitable for automated winding processes used in lower voltage applications.

Round bare or enameled wire covered with a very thin mica tape. This wire is often used in high-voltage motors or generators (up to 6.6kV) made using low-voltage motor production technology.

Round bare wire covered with a thin, high-temperature resistant mica tape. It can be used for peak temperatures up to 1000°C and operating temperatures up to 500°C.

Cablosam® taped wires
Insulated conductors and litz wires for fire-resistant cables.


  • Fire-resistant motors for tunnel ventilation
  • Motors with operating temperatures up to 500°C
  • Inverter-driven motors subjected to high-voltage peaks
  • High-voltage motors up to 6.6kV
  • Heavy-duty motors
  • Fire-resistant cables
Round wire

Von Roll offers a complete range of polyimide-insulated round copper wires in the dimension range 0.355 up to 6.00 mm.

Round bare wire taped with a standard (or special corona discharge-resistant or waterproof) polyimide/FEP tape. The polyimide gives high- temperature resilience together with a high-breakdown voltage. The corona discharge-resistant version provides a much higher resilience to voltage peaks than the standard polyimide/FEP tape. For a higher mechanical strength a glass or mixed glass/polyester covering can be applied. Using a nickel plated copper conductor ensures outstanding behavior for high temperatures and in radiation fields.


  • Oil-immersed pumps
  • Fire-resistant motors for tunnel ventilation
  • Mining motors
  • Stirring coils
  • Traction motors
Round wire

We also produce customized wires according to the application or to customer specifications. By using special braiding or taping operations we are able to insulate different types of conductors such as ETP or oxygen-free copper, nickel-plated copper, hollow conductors, superconductors and special alloys on request.