Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes

Isotape® and Intertape® brands offer a wide range of adhesive tapes with different backing materials and adhesive coatings to meet the specific applications and requirements of the electrical industry. 


  • High dielectric strengths
  • Wide range of heat resistances up to 200°C
  • Manufactured under the strictest quality standards
  • Our tapes are UL certified: E 315249 or E 315208

These electrical insulation products provide the highest performance and reliability. Most of the adhesive tapes carry UL recognition (UL E20780 for Intertape® and UL E315208 and E315249 for Isotape® products).

Von Roll teams work at developing products that provide our customers with outstanding quality and service.

Our distribution networks and company sales offices are conveniently located throughout Europe and Asia. Our highly trained sales and service representatives offer quick response with the technical expertise you need.

Von Roll adhesive tapes are used for a variety of electrical & electronic applications such as fixing wires of motors, interlayer insulation of transformers, PCB masking for wave soldering, etc.