Banding tapes

Polyglas® banding tapes are b-staged resin bonded unidirectional glass or kevlar yarns utilized to band and fix parts of electrical devices to withstand the mechanical stress during operation. Typically used for banding of motor coils and transformer cores and coils..


Polyglas® tapes offer outstanding properties and performances, such as:

  • High tensile strength
  • Appropriate elasticity to strongly lock the windings
  • Fast and easy application
  • Resin binder able to withstand harsh operating environments
    • Temperature
    • Moisture
    • Chemical attack

Polyglas® tapes are banded according to specific conditions. After banding process, Polyglas® has to be cured in order to achieve the final properties and to form a rigid and homogeneous ring that through the tension retained during the application process, maintains the integrity of the parts throughout the life of the machine.


Polyglas® tapes are suitable for banding all kinds of motor rotor coils and overhangs. For tying cores, coils and columns of dry & oil transformers. For bracing and locking any kind of form wound coils and parts.

Banding tapes