Coated products

Von Roll offers a wide variety of coated products which are manufactured with different coating methods. All products are manufactured to customer-specific applications and delivered in cured or B-stage.

The coated products from Von Roll are registered and available under the trade names THERM-AL H®, ACUFLEX®, FUSA-FAB®, FUSA-FLEX® and FABRI-THERM® as well as other product families.  

Coating Methods

  • Vertical Treaters
  • Reverse Roll / Direct Roll
  • Direct Gravure

Typical Substrates

  • Woven cloth
  • Aramid fiber paper
  • Polyester fiberglass
  • Polyimide films


Von Roll coated products are high-quality products used in high-voltage, low- voltage generators and motors as well as transformers for insulation of various parts including sealed coil construction, bus bars, slot and phase insulation and rotor turn insulation.

Flexible laminates