Machined parts

Machined parts are composite materials, tailor-made to customer specifications and drawings. They have the same technical properties as the basic semi-finished composite materials. In another process step they are shaped according to their use in the final application.

Your benefits

  • Machining of all composite materials according to the customer’s specification using our wide range of machining centers around the world
  • Technical know-how in machining and expertise in the field of electrical insulating materials and assorted parts for industry
  • Processing technology and equipment for performing all types of operations, including designing, drawing, machining, stamping, punching, molding and casting to produce everything from the smallest pieces used in medical technology to huge parts for insulating machinery of all kinds
  • A complete service package from consultation at the product planning stage to ready-to-assemble machined part and solutions
  • Reliable, thorough, fast, cost-effective service
  • Quality and testing at machining centers that operate according to the strictest quality environmental, health and safety guidelines and are certified to ISO 9001


Slides require an especially low friction and expansion coefficient, very close tolerances, mechanical strength at elevated temperature and chemical resistance.

Applications: Slides are used in rotary vane pumps and compressors. Pumps running in oil mainly use glass epoxy or cotton phenolic materials, whereas synthetic-fiber-reinforced-type materials are used in drop lubrication equipment as a replacement for the asbestos employed previously.


Vanes are usually based on cotton reinforcement in combination with specific resin formulations to improve wear properties and product life cycle. Here, too, tight tolerances and a low expansion coefficient are the key success factors.

Applications: Vanes are used for air motors in power tools and medical equipment. Special vanes with self-lubricating properties are used as dry runners.

Slides and Vanes

Von Roll Delglas fasteners are recommended when exceptional mechanical characteristics are required. Based on a specific glass reinforcement and epoxy resin system, they offer excellent resistance to humidity, seawater corrosion and chemical agents. They are well adapted for use in oil and other dielectric liquids, operate at very low as well as very high temperatures and can be used in many applications (oil and gas, transformers, marine).

Due to our expertise in machining we also are able to develop specific customer screw solutions.

Threaded rods

Von Roll proposes solutions for rotor and stator insulation. The offering of machined parts according to drawings and customer requirements includes parts of larger size that are able to withstand high mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses even with very tight tolerances.

Slot wedges

Slot wedges are machined with high-pressure or low-pressure laminates according to the customer’s drawings.

Vetronite® G-11, Delmat® Epoxy 68660, Vetroferrit®, Vetroferrit® H

Slot channels

Long laminates are usually based on a variety of reinforcement materials – aramid, carbon, cotton and glass fabric – and resin systems with or without additives that are manufactured in a special process and can be delivered to many industrial segments.

U and L profiles

U and L profiles are high-performance machined components for use in the rotors of large generators, stators of large traction motors and windmills.

Various compositions are possible:

» Vetronite® 64170, insulating: woven glass epoxy, temperature index 180°C

» Vetronite® 432.10-01, conductive: woven glass epoxy, temperature index 155°C

» Vetronite® 69090 including Nomex®,woven glass epoxy and Nomex®, temperature index 155°C up to 180°C

» Shaped Nomex®: temperature index 210°C

» Polyfibrit®: polyester cloth with epoxy resin, temperature index 150°C

Shapes depend on customer’s design and assembly technology.

Ripple springs

Ripple springs are rippled laminates made of glass fabric and a resin system. Conductive grades contain conductive fillers.

Von Roll offers top and side wedges to compensate the dimensional variation of slot wedges in stators. The Von Roll product offering covers traditional wedging based on flat materials as well as on spring-shaped slot-filling materials. The spring effect is designed to absorb the evolution of the remaining pressure inside the slot in order to eliminate vibrations and to guarantee a longer service life.

Due to its outstanding thermal, electrical and mechanical properties, Durotenax is especially suited for:

  • High-voltage connectors
  • Applications in the chemical industry
  • Joints and gaskets
  • Contact plates in circuit breakers
  • Various parts for tools and machines

For many years, Von Roll has been recognized for its expertise in stamped parts. Designing specific tools to achieve mass production, we assume the manufacturing steps and exert the most demanding quality control. Our materials are especially suitable for stamping and are used across many applications in the automotive and electrical industries.