Mica products for thermal insulation

Von Roll is highly committed to mica. Our added value is visible throughout the complete manufacturing chain. It starts by mining, preparation of the mica scrap, preparation of the mica paper pulp, production of mica paper and finally production of mica tapes that can be used to the highest standards to make electrical insulation materials.

Von Roll uses two types of mica, phlogopite and muscovite, for a variety of applications and depending on the needed electrical and especially thermal characteristics.

Protecting people and machinery, optimizing production processes and saving energy are priorities for us and our customers. Thanks to the outstanding thermal properties of the mica mineral and thanks to the expertise, Von Roll has developed a portfolio of efficient and enduring thermal products for all applications, which require heat protection.

Our thermal products are able to withstand continuous temperatures of between 200°C and 900°C and peak temperatures of up to 1200°C under different environmental conditions and pressures.

Von Roll supplies various state-of-the-art products from mica tapes for fire-resistant cables, mica paper sheets and tubes up to ready-to-use machined parts.

By developing and producing state-of-the-art Cablosam® tapes for the manufacture of fire-resistant cables, Von Roll is making an important contribution to disaster prevention. Our Cablosam® mica products have a worldwide reputation and have been specifically developed for use with our customer’s taping technologies, while complying with the most stringent international standards. Cablosam® tapes are also free from halogens and do not create hazardous fumes.

Von Roll offers tape widths from 4mm upwards delivered as pads or cross-wound spools. The tape on a cross-wound spool may be up to 20 km in lenght, depending on the width and dimensions of the spool. Von Roll also offers wires fully taped with Cablosam® tapes according to our customer wishes.

Mica tapes for fire-resistant cables

Due to its proximity to the primary aluminum industry for over 30 years, Von Roll has developed the right product range to meet all standards and custom technical protection requirements. Altherm® 660 is a composite material made especially for gaskets.

Von Roll manufacture collector rings for commutators in electrical machines e.g. traction motors.

Collector ring an gaskets

Mica is a mineral raw material with outstanding dielectric, thermal and physical properties. Von Roll developed the technique of converting mica scraps from the mine into mica paper registered under the trade name Samica® based either on muscovite or phlogopite.

Samica® is then impregnated with an appropriate bonding resin and heat-pressed to be consolidated into Samicanite® laminates. The various types of paper and the different resins and fillers enable Von Roll to achieve the particular properties of mica paper laminates, which are characterized by excellent, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. Typical applications include electrical engineering, induction ovens, the automotive industry and the household applications industries such as microwave ovens, hair dryer etc..

Mica plates

Von Roll is able to supply an extensive range of top-quality tubes made from Samica® papers, which are impregnated with appropriate resin systems in order to meet the characteristics requested for the specific applications..

The mica tubes can be supplied varnished or unvarnished. We deliver mica cylinders in a very wide range of diameters and lengths, in standard sizes or tailored to customer specifications.

Mica tubes