Potting resins

Von Roll offers a wide range of two-component potting resins under the Dolph® and Damival® brand series. This products are, specially designed to fulfill the most demanding conditions of the electrical insulation and electronic protection markets.

Epoxy systems are based on two components resins which are mixed on different proportion and cured either at room or high temperature. Different mechanical, electrical and chemical resistance properties can be achieved according to customer specifications. High thermal resistance class H (180°C) with excellent crack resistance to high temperature variation becomes a must in the growing electrical drive market. These resins become oustanding solution for any traction application in harsh environment.

The main advantages of epoxy Von Roll / Dolph's are:

  • Low viscosity, very fluid
  • High glass transition temperature
  • Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to vibration and thermal shock
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Thermal endurance up to 180°C
  • Resistance to moisture and water

Polyurethane systems improve overall productivity. Potting and casting can be quickly achieved thanks to fast hardening at room temperature. This is a noticeable advantage over traditional materials such as silicones and epoxies. A variety of resin formulations can be blended with several hardeners to produce many different grades, each having selected properties that match processing requirements and adequate characteristics on finished products.

Our polyurethane resins are used for potting, encapsulation, impregnation and insulationof electric devices. These tailored solutions optimize mechanical and thermal characteristics as well as clients’ processes.

The main advantages of Von Roll and Dolph potting compounds are:

  • Adaptable viscosity and gel time
  • Customized processability
  • Variable flexibility of the cured resin
  • Low shrinkage» Low exothermic reactions
  • Good adhesion on most surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to vibrations and rising temperature
  • Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures, from – 60°C up to 155°C

High speciality of Von Roll / Dolph's in general. Basic handling properties comparable to polyurethane with many other advantages as, elastomer behaviour, outstanding adhesion and flexibility even at very low temperature. Extremly high moisture resistance. They are cost effective substitutes for Silicones elastomers; specially for the highly thermal resistant ones.

Potting resins for tire pressure sensors