Von Roll Insulation Training

Continuing on-the-job training is a condition for success in a competitive environment. We’ve been training customers and staff on insulation topics since over 20 years.


After a few years on the job, you’ll have learned a lot about insulation. Why not get a proper headstart?

As a full-system provider, Von Roll is uniquely positioned to extend your understanding of the insulating materials and systems for rotating machines, and we provide courses on insulation technology both to customers and our own staff. This training has become increasingly popular.

Objectives of the insulation training

  • To impart a deeper understanding of low- and high-voltage insulation technology for motors and power generators, and to up-date your knowledge on insulating materials and systems
  • To help those wanting practical experience in the application of electrical insulating materials

The target audience includes technical staff, sales engineers and managers, and anyone wanting an introduction, clearer technical understanding, or exchange with experts into insulating materials and technology for electric rotating machines.

Be sure to look at our course offering for the specific topics.

Please write us insulation.training@vonroll.com with any further questions.

The coursework focuses on the insulation materials and their application, as well as system aspects. Due to international participation, the courses are held in English.

Basic High-Voltage Insulation Courses

meet our experts in person and take a look around our facilities in Switzerland. Courses take place on every third Thursday of each month. You find more details in the training brochure or at the Von Roll Institute website https://vonroll.institute/en/academy/.

Advanced High-Voltage Insulation Courses

Clients and internal staff can participate in a high-voltage insulation course, which consists of four days of learning at our production facility in Breitenbach, Switzerland and Delle, France. The scheduled dates in 2019 are:

  • October 21-24, 2019, Breitenbach, Switzerland (and Delle, France)
  • March 16–19, 2020, Breitenbach, Switzerland (and Delle, France)
  • October 19–22, 2020, Breitenbach, Switzerland (and Delle, France)

Expert High-Voltage Insulation Course

For those with an extensive knowledge of insulation technology, we offer a three-day advanced course with the possibility of excursions to other facilities. The next course takes place in 

  • November 12-14, 2019, Breitenbach, Switzerland
  • April 6–8, 2020, Breitenbach, Switzerland
  • November 16–18, 2020, Breitenbach, Switzerland

Low-Voltage Insulation Course

The low-voltage insulation course supplements presentations and discussions on insulation materials and their application with practical, hands-on work. The next course takes place in the region of Torino, Italy on

  • June 8–10, 2020, Trofarello, Italy

See the brochure download on the right for more detail.

Participants should have

A basic understanding of chemistry and electrical engineering, and English language skills.


If you are interested please use attached registration form and send it to insulation.training@vonroll.com.