• Poly Glas Cover Sheet

    Poly Glas Banding Tapes

    Poly Glas® banding tapes are B-stage (semi-cured) unidirectional glass fiber tapes that are soft and sticky for easy application. After curing, they form a homogeneous, hard and tough ring.

  • Battery Composite Cover Sheet

    Battery Products

    Von Roll is the global leader in electrical and thermal insulation solutions in the automotive, energy and industrial sectors, providing solutions to new trends.

  • Cover Sheet Mica Max Broschure

    Mica Max

    The demand for higher power density is leading to ever higher operating temperatures in high-voltage machines. Electrical insulation systems are needed that resist the increased thermal and electrical stresses.

  • Cover Sheet Insulation Training

    Insulation Training

    This training session provides a detailed overview of insulating materials and systems for low-voltage rotating machines, including selection, processing and testing.

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