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At Von Roll, we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards of professional and personal conduct in our relationships with customers, colleagues, business partners, competitors, regulators, and the countries and communities in which we operate.

Our global Code of Conduct is the foundation for a positive business environment and is based on applicable law and international standards that reflect current legal norms and business ethics principles. The global Code of Conduct contains binding rules that must be observed by every Von Roll Group employee, with the aim of preserving the good reputation and integrity of the Von Roll Group.

It is our goal to embed the ethical principles of our Corporate Compliance even further into the corporate culture and we unconditionally support our employees in this with training sessions and further information and guidelines.

             Standards and principles

The Global Code of Conduct defines the basic values that guide Von Roll’s daily actions. The rules defined in the Global Code of Conduct represent minimum standards for the behavior of Von Roll employees. Should local laws prescribe stricter standards, the relevant laws naturally take precedence.

To the Code of Conduct for employees

The Von Roll Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to comply with minimum standards in areas such as human rights, working conditions, occupational safety, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. These standards remain valid even if relevant national or international laws stipulate less stringent standards.

To the Code of Conduct for suppliers

The anti-corruption policy for Von Roll Group employees serves to prevent corrupt practices in connection with Von Roll’s business partners and other third parties as well as to promote transparency.

To the anticorruption directive

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