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What do trains and cruise ships have in common? Their passengers want to travel comfortably, safely, and as economically as possible. Manufacturers of trains and ships are obliged to meet increasingly stringent safety requirements in the construction of hulls and interior cabins – i.e. fire protection.

We make an important contribution to achieving ambitious goals. Our environmentally friendly,highly functional materials are designed for extreme fire resistance. Moreover, due to superior design, they are remarkably lightweight. Von Roll composites are used all over the world — for example in passenger seats, fire-resistant walls, and numerous other interior elements.

Innenauskleidung in einem Zug

Green solutions for cabin linings

Methods of transportation, such as fast trains and ships, rely on lightweight composite materials to reduce energy and fuel consumption as well as emissions. In addition, the materials must be highly functional and cost-effective as well as reduce risks to people, the environment, health, and safety.

Our prepregs and laminates are easily processed into complex parts and simple to install. Von Roll NxtGen products are designed for sandwich construction, highly automated processes, and can be transported and stored at room temperature. They further exceed FST requirements, and their superior formulation in production contributes to increased sustainability and the reduction of environmental, health, and safety risks.

Ask our experts about our solutions, which are certified for R1, R22 and R23 railroad applications in accordance with EN45545‑2. Our products top the fire safety standards required by the aerospace and railroad industries (e.g. EN 45545–2) and ensure the safe performance of your applications.

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Cutting-edge mica-based fire protection

In case of unexpected fires, smart protective measures can save lives. An important method is the formation of fire compartments. These are achieved by fire-resistant walls that divide cruise and container ships as well as train sections.

Our mica-based composites, such as Pamitherm®, are ideally suited for fire-resistant panels and wall elements, as they can withstand a fire with temperatures in excess of 1100 °C.

Due to our extensive know-how in processing mica into composites, we have various product types, from rigid panels to flexible laminates – the right solutions for both stand-alone options and as a part of complex wall constructions.

Development and innovation

Materials used in trains and ships can be exposed to variable temperatures from — 50 °C to + 80 °C, high humidity, and corrosive chemicals. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, a fire can suddenly break out.

Our Innovation Lab for Composites uses analytical test methods and advanced fire tests to study and improve the resistance and service life of materials under difficult environmental conditions.

SPOTLIGHT: Industrial News

  • Automotiv aus Froschperspektive vor Sonnenuntergang


    Our insulation systems and resin solutions optimize 800-volt systems in electric vehicles and significantly increase the longevity, efficiency and performance of e-drives and batteries.

  • CERN Project


    Von Roll supplied two different high-technology products for the famous CERN project: composite rods for the ATLAS detector of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and insulation for superconducting magnets.

  • Exhibition stand in Paris


    Innovative care filler for aircraft interiors was presented in Paris with outstanding advantages: lower material, weight and manufacturing costs.

  • Lights on railroad line


    Our resin products for interior applications are tested according to reference standards for end-use markets such as EN45545 R22 for railroad applications.

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