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Everything big starts in the details. This is exactly where our understanding of quality comes into play. A large generator, an industrial machine, or an EV drive functions at peak performance due to the perfect quality of each individual component, which we at Von Roll have carefully developed and tested. Our commitment creates satisfaction among our stakeholders — customers, employees, suppliers, subsidiaries, authorities, society and neighborhood, but also among investors.

Quality management von roll

OUR PROMISE: Global quality management with local action plans

Our understanding of quality encompasses the entire value chain, from superior quality products to outstanding customer service. Certified Quality Management Systems are fully implemented at every Von Roll site. We continuously optimize product and process quality at every stage — from the raw materials through product development to the use of the product by the our customers. We regard quality management as an integral part of our work, and the further development of sustainable and efficient manufacturing processes and services as an exciting challenge.

"Quality is not just a word, it’s our attitude."

Adrian Vid, Head of Global Quality & EHS

Sounds good? Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Von Roll draws not only on its more than 100 years of experience in the field of electrical and thermal insulation systems, we also create new facts every day. Therefore, we like to put ourselves to the test on a regular basis. Several relevant certifications attest to our high standards in terms of integrated management system.

  • Icon ISO9001

    Global Management System

    The quality of our products is rooted on “Swiss Engineering”. To keep it that way, we set a global quality management system to facilitate continuous improvement.

  • Icon ISO14001

    Environmental Management System

    Our target is to be compliant with legal & environmental regulations and for continuous improvement to our environmental footprint. We pursue projects at all sites to improve the environmental impact of our business activities.

  • Icon ISO45001

    Health & Safety Management System

    Our target is to provide a healthy, safe and secure work environment for our employees and visitors. Therefore, we maintain a global Health & Safety Management System according to ISO 45001.

  • Icon IATF16949

    Automotive Quality Management System

    The automotive industry sets requirements for process oriented quality management system that complement the ISO 9001 standard. We implemented this processes throughout the Group, even if certification is focused on our automotive sites.

  • icon EN9100

    Aerospace & Aviation Quality Management System

    There are also special requirements for the quality and safety of products for aerospace & aviation applications. Our quality processes meet these with flying colors.

How we embrace quality every day

From product development and the procurement of raw materials to all stages of production, the concept of quality takes center stage at Von Roll.

Our employees demonstrate their commitment to high-quality work every day. We support them with well thought-out processes and, wherever possible, with automated and intelligent monitoring solutions.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Our automotive sites are IATF 16949 certified. There, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is naturally an integral part of product development.

We also apply the benefits of the rigorous APQP process to new product development across all product groups. In particular, iterative feedback and continuous improvement help us to sharpen processes as well as to develop and manufacture products faster and with an even greater focus on quality.

Supplier Management

For us, quality, environment and occupational safety are essential along the entire value chain, not just in our own plants. We therefore send our experts, who have years of industrial and production experience, to meet with our most important suppliers.

In addition to compliance with the Code of Conduct for Von Roll Suppliers, those visits pay particular attention to management systems, implemented processes and continuous improvement. Only with the best raw materials can we guaranteethe high quality of our products.

Sophisticated defect detection

Mica paper is the key intermediary product that gives most Von Roll products their unique properties. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the consistently high quality of all production batches during this production step.

We use metal sensors to detect inclusions that can affect the performance of our products. In addition, we use optical sensors that scan every inch of our materials using advanced algorythm.

Analytical labs for research and production

Von Roll has market-leading, state-of-the-art analytical laboratories. As these laboratories already test our products during development, comparative data is available down to the last detail.

As a result, even the smallest changes in product properties can be detected during quality tests and the production processes can be tweaked if necessary.

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