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  • PRECISE, COST-EFFICIENT, ENVIRONMENTALLY AND HEALTH-FRIENDLY: Unmatched material properties and maximum environmental performance

    We are excited to introduce a new breakthrough from our R&D department: We have developed a new flame retardant epoxy resin system that is free of halogens, phenols and anhydrides.

    All products deriving from this system share the family name NxtGen and offer unique advantages.

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Unique Benefits

  • vonRoll-Icons-Epoxy-Sytem-1

    Halogen‑, anhydride-
    and solvent-free

  • vonRoll-Icons-Epoxy-Sytem-2

    Long term storage
    at room temperature

  • vonRoll-Icons-Epoxy-Sytem-3

    Fast and easy curing

  • vonRoll-Icons-Epoxy-Sytem-4

    Fire resistant and
    FST compliant

  • vonRoll-Icons-Epoxy-Sytem-5

    Easy processing

  • vonRoll-Icons-Epoxy-Sytem-6

    Smooth surfaces –
    no need for finishing

Von Roll Core Filler

NxtGen Core Filler

Our NxtGen Core Filler Von Roll EP401 is a one-component core filler for local reinforcement and edge sealing of honeycomb sandwich panels. The product combines low density with excellent mechanical properties and excels with exceptionally high stability during storage — more than five weeks at room temperature.

The excellent flow properties of the NextGen Core Filler enable reliable, precise and homogeneous filling of honeycomb cores in a fully automated, machine-based process: this reduces processing and unit costs.

Von Roll Nxtgen Pregreg

NxtGen Prepreg

For cabin interior applications, we have developed innovative prepregs based on our robust, flame-retardant epoxy system, which is free of harmful phenolics and solvents. The glass- or carbon-fiber-based prepregs are suitable for a wide range of applications such as seats, overhead luggage bins, window panels and ventilation ducts.

Compared to the phenolic prepregs widely used today, our next-generation epoxy prepregs offer significant advantages. Being solvent-free, the prepregs significantly improve surface quality, protect workers from degassing, and make it possible to work with hot-in-hot-out cycles. Forgoing autoclaves increases the efficiency of the production process significantly.