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There are good reasons why leading manufacturers from industries like automotive, Industry 4.0 and aerospace count on the inspiration and ambition of our global R&D team. They all appreciate the open attitude and innovative start-up mentality at Von Roll.

The results are visionary solutions that provide strong advantages for our customers in their markets.

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Getting the chemistry right.

With a top team, leading-edge analytics and AI-based tools, we are already working today on the chemistry of tomorrow. Our Resins Lab is focused on three key areas: improved technical functionality, simplified industrial processability and maximum ecological compatibility.

silikonfreies Polybutadien-Vergussharz

Silicone-free up to more than 150 °C

For years, the automotive industry has been looking for alternatives to silicone resins to protect electronic controllers. Our answer: a silicone-free polybutadiene potting resin with a so far unmatched temperature resistance of over 150 °C.

Compared to silicone-based products, this resin is particularly cost-efficient and high-performance. In addition, it features high thermal conductivity, mechanical resistance and very good environmental compatibility — without the use of hazardous substances subject to labeling requirements.

Kleinmotoren Serienfertigung

Our impregnating resins — a booster for large serial productions

Our new epoxy-based Dolph’s® impregnating resin with excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical properties is especially suitable for the insulation and mechanical reinforcement of windings for highly stressed electric motors in all-electric and hybrid vehicles. Due to its high reactivity and rapid curing, it allows extremely short cycle times in the production process.

Frau im Von Roll Labor

Green resins — the environment will say Thank You.

Superior performance and maximum environmental compatibility are not a contradiction to Von Roll! Our Dolph’s® brand has been pioneering the development of high-performance green resins for more than 50 years.

The journey continues: we invest a lot to permanently optimize the environmental compatibility of our entire resin portfolio. Avoiding solvents and hazardous substances does not only help the environment. It simplifies industrial applications and reduces processing costs.

Current status: The majority of our products already contains no or only very low levels of solvents and hazardous substances; some of our products are even completely label-free.

Our service — take advantage of our know-how

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Tell us your specific requirements for high and low voltage insulation systems. We will respond with customized and fully tested insulation systems.

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Insulation Training incl. e-drive

In our training courses you will gain a detailed overview of insulation materials and systems for rotating high and low voltage machines. This includes topics like selection, processing and testing.

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