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    In large industrial installations, it is often small parts made of composite materials that have a critical impact on success. The more precisely they are adapted to the specific application, the better they perform. Von Roll makes maximum performance possible: We combine the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of our materials so intelligently that your machines run at full speed — and for the long term.

    Our solutions for industrial equipment are available as laminates, semi-finished products, prepregs, tubes or machined parts. Welcome to a world of possibilities!

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    Our composite materials are used in a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing.

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    High temperatures are generated during pressing and melting. Reliable insulation products are crucial here.

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    Our doctor blades for the paper industry can be individually adjusted to the position and function in the machine.

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    Our high-performance products meet the stringent requirements of medical equipment.

High-tech for machine and equipment manufacturers

The applications for composites in machine and equipment engineering are very diverse. Therefore, we tailor our solutions to your individual needs. Whatever you have in mind: You benefit from the high quality of our products, which are characterized by high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance, flame-retardant or anti-friction properties as well as their low weight. Depending on the application, our solutions are also halogen-free.

Choose reliable Von Roll high-tech products — available in different configurations as tubes, laminates, and machined parts.

Stahlkomponente im Maschinenbau
Stahlkomponente im Maschinenbau

Von Roll vanes and blades for vacuum pumps or air compressors feature extremely low friction, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, very tight tolerances, mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, and chemical resistance.

Our Vetronite® vanes and blades are used in oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps. In our high-end products AR 600 P01, AR 600 T23 and ACG 600 T23, drop lubrication is sufficient to achieve very long service lives.

By contrast, special Canevasite® grades ensure long service life in pneumatic motors and compressors — e.g. the products FF 5964 and VRI-BAT for oil-lubricated applications and FF-PTFE for dry-running.

High-precision ball bearing cages — for example in dental drills — have to withstand both vibrations caused by very high rotational speeds as well as severe chemical stress due to sterilization.

We offer special cotton phenolic products (Canevasite® VRI-BAT or FF-5964) for ball bearings and meet the highest requirements in terms of wear resistance and machinability here — especially for very small ball bearing cages.

To operate the superconducting magnetic coils in a stable state, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopes have to meet complex requirements. For example, the waste heat of the spectroscope should be efficiently dissipated while the coils are kept at cryogenic temperatures. Here, manufacturers of NMR equipment benefit from our machined parts made from Vetronite® EGS102 or Canevasite® PF CC 201.

Some grades of our Vetronite® products have been specifically developed for applications at extremely low temperatures. They can withstand temperatures as low as -270 °C. These solutions have been in successful use for years already — and excel through their combination of optimal function and high performance.

Insulation for high temperature equipment

Industrial systems operating under very high temperatures require reliable thermal protection. Reducing losses due to radiant heat also lowers energy consumption. In turn, reducing operating costs and increasing the sustainability of your manufacturing processes.

To efficiently operate heated presses, pressure-resistant insulation products are critical. Our machined insulation inserts efficiently separate hot and cold parts of the press. High-quality insulation guarantees not only great energy efficiency, but also optimal functionality of the equipment. The result: your plant delivers consistently high-quality products throughout the entire life cycle.

We adapt our products to your specified shape and thickness.

To reduce energy costs and at the same time improve the quality of the pressed products, good thermal insulation of the press is vital.

Our pressure- and temperature-resistant insulation plates reduce radiative heat losses, minimize thermal stress in the press, and allow longer maintenance intervals.

The superior machinability of the material also ensures exceptional thickness tolerances and high parallelism.

In metal smelters, for example, aluminum is electrolytically reduced with a very high direct current (> 600 kA). The process places high demands on protecting workers from arcing and other electrical risks, optimizing energy consumption, and avoiding downtime.
Our composites accomplish these tasks by combining suitable temperature-resistant resins with glass, mica, or other support structures. This results in excellent electrical and thermal insulation, great compressive strength at elevated temperatures, good chemical resistance — and thus overall higher long-term performance of the smelter.


Doctor blades for the paper industry

Doctor blades are used to clean the cylinders in paper machines during the papermaking process. We offer doctor blades in practically all possible material combinations. The choice of material is dependent on which combination is best suited for the particular position and function within the machine.

As an expert in composite materials, we cover the complete range — and can respond with flexibility to special requests. Thus, we can realize non-standard dimensions as well as arbitrary glass-carbon combinations (e.g. 3C solutions).

Our doctor blades are gentle on the cylinder surfaces and achieve optimum cleaning results. High temperature resistance, chemical, and mechanical resilience are key to very low material wear.

Papierrollen übereinander gestapelt
Papierrollen übereinander gestapelt

Due to a special high-temperature resin, our standard Vetronite® doctor blades feature high mechanical stability, great temperature, and wear resistance.

The blades are all-round talents and can be used at all positions of the paper machine — even in the challenging drying section.

We adapt our hybrid blades to the exact requirements of our customers by manufacturing blades with various numbers of carbon layers. These products are very performant, offer high mechanical and chemical resistance and have excellent wear properties — long durability with strong cleaning performance.

Our range of high-performance carbon blades for special requirements is characterized in particular by a very high mechanical stiffness. This makes these blades ideal for applications that require maximum cleaning performance — such as in the drying section of the paper machine. Through reduced contact pressure, they also enable a very economical operation of the machine.

Our abrasive blades ensure maximum cleaning performance even in the most demanding sections through the addition of suitable abrasives. To ensure that our customers do not have to make any compromises, we manufacture the blades in all stiffness classes — right up to an all-carbon blade.

Clinical precision for medical devices

The technical requirements for medical devices and equipment have increased rapidly in the past decade. Take scanners, for example: they must have precise internal temperature control, avoid vibration, and deliver top marks in terms of performance, fire protection, and X‑ray resistance. Our high-performance products guarantee that these specifications are met. They are successfully used by well-known manufacturers for good reason.

Our special products for MRI scanners are characterized by their excellent thermal conductivity (Vetronite® EGS 619 HTC) and also meet the highest safety requirements in terms of fire protection (UL 94 VO). The dissipation of excess heat makes the scanner more efficient and durable while also increasing the patient’s comfort.

We offer special composite materials for the use in devices with X‑ray radiation (e.g. Vetronite®, Durapol®, Samicanite®, etc.). Our solutions resist X‑ray radiation, have high thermal resistance and provide good electrical insulation

Maschine für Magnetresonanztomographie
Maschine für Magnetresonanztomographie

"Von Roll partners with leading medical technology manufacturers. Our solutions are key to the insulation and performance of gradient coils."

Constant Gentile, Composites Expert

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    Our insulation systems and resin solutions optimize 800-volt systems in electric vehicles and significantly increase the longevity, efficiency and performance of e-drives and batteries.

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    Von Roll supplied two different high-technology products for the famous CERN project: composite rods for the ATLAS detector of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and insulation for superconducting magnets.

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    Our resin products for interior applications are tested according to reference standards for end-use markets such as EN45545 R22 for railroad applications.


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