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Financial reporting

Von Roll reports on its financial performance on a semi-annual basis in accordance with the Swiss GAAP FER standard. The financial reports are available for download online in German and English.

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  • Our half-year report from the year 2023

    In the first half of the current fiscal year 2023, Von Roll Group was able to continue its positive business development. In a persistently challenging market environment characterized by geopolitical tensions, sharp increases in energy prices and persistently high inflation, we were able to further increase both net sales and earnings.

    Sales of our specialty tapes for electrical insulation systems showed a pleasing trend. This was again due to the worldwide increase in energy demand and the associated expansion of power generation. The newly developed specialty resins for use in electric vehicles and power electronics met with a strong market response. Thanks to clear technical advantages combined with maximum environmental compatibility, we are involved in a large number of promising tenders.

    The R&D pipeline, which has been well filled in recent years, puts us in a strong position to participate in attractive future markets with differentiated products and particularly environmentally friendly materials.

    Semi-Annual Report 2023
  • Our Annual Report of the year 2022

    For the past fiscal year, the Von Roll Group can look back on a positive business performance, despite a challenging economic environment.

    Highlights of the past fiscal year included the market launch of our newly developed specialty resins for use in electric vehicles and in power electronics for charging stations. These are particularly environmentally friendly formulations that offer special properties for increasing the performance and durability of batteries and power electronics.

    For the upcoming fiscal year 2023, demand in our core markets is expected to remain stable. Consequently, the Von Roll Group is well positioned in time for its 200th anniversary. Read more in our Annual Report.

    Annual Report Von Roll 2022 title
    Annual Report 2022