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Electrifying ideas for the future of mobility

High performance, fast and easy charging, high safety, long range: these are key criteria to decide which electric or hybrid vehicle to buy. Manufacturers are therefore challenged to make their drives and batteries even more compact and efficient.

Particularly effective hermetic management of the battery is important in order to stay ahead of the competition. Also, when it comes to boosting the efficiency of electric drives and power electronics, our innovative products make all the difference.


On the fast track with Von Roll

Our automotive team works closely with leading car manufacturers and suppliers. The shared goal: innovative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Whether fully electric, hydrogen-powered or hybrid: with our expertise, we develop and manufacture products that will get you ahead.

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We have long thought holistically in terms of systems — and not in terms of stand-alone solutions. The system concept is what makes our electrical and thermal insulation solutions for electric drives so successful. Our solutions improve the efficiency and service life of electric drives — even 800 volt and more are no problem for us. This is backed by our decades of experience in high- and low-voltage applications — the guarantee for excellent insulation systems, perfectly tailored to every application.

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Von Roll Automotive is a leading global partner in the field of thermal and electrical battery insulation for EVs. We strive to make battery systems more efficient and safer. The secret of our success is that we combine leading expertise in electrical and thermal insulation. The result: solutions that inspire — with intelligence, durability, and their light weight.

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Sensors and control units are exposed to immense thermal and mechanical stresses. Our environmentally friendly, silicone-free potting resins reliably protect them. And thanks to their crack resistance and low curing temperature, they protect the components already during the potting process.

Why do control units need special protection? The battery management system controls the battery’s state of charge, ensures consistent performance, and protects cells from damage. Due to their thermal conductivity, our resins reliably protect the devices from overheating. In this way, they contribute to the reliable operation of the batteries — and thus to more vehicle safety.

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Fuel cell vehicles are environmentally friendly, but also entail certain risks. Their high-pressure hydrogen tanks are particularly exposed due to their size and position in the vehicle floor. In the event of accidents resulting in fire, there is therefore a risk that the tank could be damaged. And in the worst case, this could lead to an explosion.

Von Roll is supplementing existing safety measures with a pioneering solution: Flamival®, our innovative coating system for high-pressure hydrogen tanks, provides flame and explosion protection at the highest level of safety.