Mann prüft großes elektrisches Bauteil von Innen
Mann prüft großes elektrisches Bauteil von Innen



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The use of electricity in electrical machines and devices is not possible without a customized insulation system. In addition, sensitive electronic components must be protected against mechanical stress and environmental influences.

We have developed the best solution to meet these requirements. Our team of experts works closely with well-known brands and global market leaders. For more than 100 years, even the most demanding customers have been impressed by our products

Converting high voltage into high performance

Wind and water carry enormous amounts of energy. Our insulation systems are enabling generators to convert this massive power into electricity. And conversely, when motors need to transform electricity into mechanical power, our insulation solutions are essential too.

Von Roll insulation systems for high-voltage applications are a powerful booster for motors and generators. They make a huge contribution in permanently improving the efficiency, performance and durability of electrical machines.

Our one-system approach simplifies the complex interaction between high-tech insulation tapes, high-performance composites, resins, varnishes and wires. We are the only manufacturer in the world providing all these components and tailor-made solutions from a single source.

Systematically matched

  • Elektrische Isolierbänder Von Roll

    Electrical insulating tapes

    Mica tapes are the key elements for the main insulation of high voltage machines.

  • Icon Harze Von Roll

    High-voltage resins

    Resins provide protection against moisture and vibration wear. They also increase dielectric strength.

  • Icon Verbundwerkstoffe Von Roll

    Composite materials

    Composite materials reinforce the mechanical stability of the winding.

  • Icon Drahtkomponenten Von Roll

    Wire components

    In our state-of-the-art coil manufacturing facility, we cover the entire value chain from flat wire to fully insulated coils.

SELECTED FIELDS OF APPLICATION: We are technology leaders in various fields

  • Hydrogeneratoren

    Our solutions are built-in to the largest hydropower plants in the world.

  • Schornstein eines Wärmekraftwerkes

    Our solutions for nuclear, coal‑, gas- or oil power plants

  • Windpark im Meer

    The limited accessibility and harsh conditions set highest demands for the reliability of insulation systems used in wind power generators.

  • ICE in Landschaft

    Von Roll actively supports manufacturers in their efforts to improve the efficiency and power-to-weight ratio of AC and DC motors, transformers, etc.

  • Mann prüft großes elektrisches Bauteil von Innen

    Our solutions enable large industrial machines to achieve higher performance and reliability at lower manufacturing costs.

  • Energiegewinnungssystem für dezentrale Stromversorgung

    Diesel engine generators operate under highly volatile loads and heavy conditions including strong vibrations and extreme temperatures. We provide reliable insulation systems for all electrical components.

  • Zahnräder Icon

    More efficient

    We are experts in maximizing the thermal and electrical capacity of the insulation system — improving the efficiency of your machines.

  • Check Icon

    Stronger & more compact

    Due to the improved efficiency, your machines will provide more power at the same size — or you can opt for a more compact design.

  • Zeit Icon

    More durable

    Your machines will feature a longer operating and service cycle — thanks to higher resistance against thermal, electrical and mechanical stress.

  • Kosten Icon


    We provide you with optimized all-in-one systems, which reduces material costs and simplifies the serial production of your electrical machines.

Drehspule in Produktionskette


From raw materials to integrated, ready-to-install components

The market for rotating electrical machines, generators and motors is experiencing a strong outsourcing trend — driven by major manufacturers. We have expanded our existing plant in Bangalore into one of the most modern production facility for electrical coils in India. This has strengthened our position as a producer of integrated and ready-to-install system components.

Produktionsroboterarm bei Fertigung

Von Roll is the only company in the electrical insulation market to cover the entire value chain from raw material extraction to ready-to-install wire coils as a one stop shop. Controlling the entire process enables us to develop unique products with the highest quality standards. In close cooperation with our experts in Breitenbach, our Indian facility now also offers technical design, complete system tuning and manufacturing of entire coil components.

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