We have a wide range of products for electrical insulation. These products have been specifically developed to meet the most demanding conditions in medium and high voltage electrical insulation systems.

The system approach to insulation solutions ensures that our resins are tailored to both the application and the individual downstream processing, such as vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI).

Products and solutions

Von Roll and Dolph’s® resins are an essential part of insulation systems for all types of rotating machinery, motors, and generators. The choice of the right material depends on the final application.

Depending on the application requirements, we offer our customers resins with different and optimized chemical compositions from our Damisol® and Permafil® product families.

  • Silicone resins for high temperature applications, such as traction machines
  • Epoxy resins for best electrical properties and use in harsh environments
  • Polyester(imide) resins for best penetration and cost-effective curing combined with excellent electrical properties

For additional potting and protection of electrical components, we offer a wide range of potting resins and protective coatings.

Our customers trust our Damival® and Damicoat® product ranges, which are especially tailored to the requirements of medium and high voltage applications.

  • Insulating systems for high-voltage rotating machines

    Von Roll is committed to creating added value for its customers with the insulating materials and processes used in state-of-the-art electrical high-voltage motors as well as small generators with similar design.

    We offer the solutions you need for higher performance and reliability together with low manufacturing costs. No matter what the precise requirements of your machines, we have materials that will suit them using either resin-rich (RR) or vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) technologies.

    The product guide will introduce the main products associated with our innovative VPI insulation system under the name Samicabond®.

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