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Composite materials are used in many industrial applications to reinforce components or structural elements. For this purpose, they must feature very unique mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We achieve and combine these in such a clever way that no requirements are left unfulfilled. The result: our products deliver top performance even in the most challenging environments.

No matter what particular composite material you need: Our R&D engineers will find the perfect solution.

360°-EXPERTISE: Engineering from A to Z

Our experts can handle the entire value chain — from the development of resin formulations and manufacturing process to the machining of ready-to-use components.

Engineering Value Chain Von Roll

Composites solutions — fit for purpose

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    The chemistry is right

    Our chemistry experts are constantly inventing new resin formulations. In combination with the latest production processes, this results in a wide range of epoxy, phenolic, polyester and silicone resins. An excellent backbone for laminates with the highest flexibility and excellent technical properties.

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    Advanced impregnation technologies

    In our modern production facilities, we use a wide range of impregnation technologies — e.g. dip coating, kiss coating or transfer coating. Thanks to extra-wide impregnation lines and strictly controlled climatic conditions, we achieve maximum productivity and quality.

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    Molding in all dimensions

    In our high-/low-pressure and continuous presses, we produce sheets for a wide range of industrial applications. We also cover large formats up to 4 m² with pressures of over 12 MPa. The sheets are also available unmachined as semi-finished products.

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    Machining for any batch size

    Using state-of-the-art milling and grinding technology, we manufacture individual parts and complex assemblies from our composite materials. Our engineers support you from prototyping to serial production — to meet the highest requirements for tolerances and quality. Our sites are certified to supply the aerospace and automotive industries.

Our variety of products

Prepregs von Von Roll


Von Roll has a broad portfolio of pre-impregnated laminates with specific properties for a wide range of industrial applications. This includes standard grades as well as highly specific solutions for special requirements.

We set the highest standards through our own brands.

Vetronite® prepregs can be used for a wide range of industrial applications where resistance to mechanical, electrical, and thermal stresses as well as flame retardant and chemical resistant properties are required.

Vetroferrite® prepregs are used for compression molded parts that require magnetic permeability and high thermal and mechanical stability, such as magnetic slot wedges in electric motors.

Our NxtGen epoxy prepregs are particularly suitable for aerospace applications due to excellent mechanical and FST properties.

  • Carbon fabric: ECG Carbon Prepregs are used for industrial applications where extremely high mechanical properties and a high elastic modulus are required.
  • Cotton fabric: Canevasite® prepregs are used for compression moldings where high mechanical strength and excellent anti-friction properties are desired.
  • Paper: Dellite® prepregs, a good choice for press-molded parts requiring good electrical resistance properties and are machined by die-cutting.
  • Aramid: Durapreg® prepregs are best suited for molded components in defense and security applications due to excellent ballistic performance, light weight, and good flame resistance.
Bunte Platten - Produkte von Von Roll


Laminates or layered composites are produced using high and low pressure technologies.

They are based on our prepregs made of various reinforcements (e.g. glass, carbon, cotton, paper, aramid) and corresponding resin systems (e.g. epoxy, phenolic, silicone). Our sheets are used in a wide range of industrial, electrical and thermal applications.

Thermal insulation is essential for the energy efficiency, functionality, and service life of industrial presses, but also for the protection of batteries for e‑mobility. Excellent heat dissipation is a key concern in many machines and devices.

  • Vetrotherm® and Pamitherm® are characterized by their high thermal, chemical and pressure resistance.
  • Shield T® are particularly suitable for thermal and fire protection of batteries for e‑mobility.
  • Vetronite® HTC is a special material with very high thermal conductivity for applications in industrial equipment manufacturing.

Our halogen-free composite materials are used in many electrical applications, such as generators, motors, transformers, and switchgear. They are characterized by their high electrical resistance combined with high mechanical and thermal resistance as well as very good magnetic permeability and their flame retardant and antistatic properties.

  • Vetronite® G11 is an all-rounder for equipment manufacturing with its very high electrical resistance combined with high mechanical and thermal performance.
  • Vetroferrit® is ideally suited for magnetic applications, such as slot wedges for motors and generators, which require very high magnetic permeability combined with high mechanical and thermal performance.
  • Durapol® F200 SMC is characterized by its excellent processability combined with very good electrical insulation and flame retardancy and is often used in transformers and switchgear.
  • Vetronite® EGS 619, EGS AS and EGS T23 AS are a group of electrical insulating materials with good antistatic properties. These flame-retardant materials are particularly suitable for electronic applications.

We have a wide range of piercing and bullet resistant laminates for applications in personal and vehicle protection as well as for impact protection in high-speed transportation.

  • Durapreg® is particularly suitable for personal protection applications due to its aramid fabric base.
  • Polyethylene-based Para-Lite® 65400 is ideal for vehicle protection.
  • Para-Lite® PGR 20 is our vehicle and building protection based on a special glass fabric.
  • Para-Lite® Flex is the flexible ballistic solution made of aramid fabric and a highly flexible rubber resin system. It is therefore particularly suitable for lining vehicles.

Our composites are individually tailored to their applications. Our portfolio comprises among others 1. glass fabric high-pressure laminates for high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulation, and flame-retardant properties, 2. carbon components for maximum mechanical strength, and 3. aramid fiber or cotton fabrics for sliding and wear properties.

  • Vetronite® G11 is an all-rounder for industrial equipment engineering having very high electrical resistance combined with high mechanical and thermal performance.
  • Vetronite® FR‑5 is a halogen-free glass fabric high pressure laminate combining excellent flame retardancy with high thermal and mechanical resistance.
  • Vetronite® MAT combines the advantages of paper and glass fabric. It is particularly suitable for die cutting applications.
  • Doctor Blade Carbon is a special quality of our doctor blades for the paper industry. It is characterized by a particularly high mechanical strength.
  • AR 600 P01, due to the aramid fabric, offers top anti-friction and wear properties combined with high mechanical strength for vanes and slides in compressors and pumps.

Machined parts

As a full-service provider, our skills also include the production of ready-to-use components. Machined parts are tailor-made from our composite materials according to customer specifications and technical drawings. They feature the same excellent technical properties as the semi-finished products. In our machining competence center, finished parts are manufactured carefully and with very tight tolerances.

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SELECTED APPLICATIONS: High-performance composites

  • ICE in Landschaft


    Train and ship manufacturers have to meet increasingly stricter safety requirements in the construction of hulls or interior cabins.

  • Stahlkomponente im Maschinenbau


    We produce slides and vanes for vacuum pumps and air compressors as well as materials for ball bearing cages or wear rings in pistons and rods.

  • Maschine für Magnetresonanztomographie

    Medical Technology

    The requirements in medical technology are rapidly increasing. We offer high-performance materials for manufacturers of medical equipment and devices.

  • Reifenpresse

    Pressing and Smelting

    Our products provide excellent temperature resistance and thermal insulation for industrial furnaces and metal smelting.

  • Papierrollen übereinander gestapelt

    Paper Industry

    Our doctor blade materials have been the industry’s first choice for years — thanks to their superior quality.

  • Industrial Schutz-und-Sicherheit

    Protection & Safety

    We have successfully used our long-term experience with thermoset materials for ballistic applications which provide protection and security.

Von Roll spanende Bearbeitung Augsburg


Machining is the fastest and most efficient way for serial production of complex components made of layered composites. Take advantage of the experience we have gained from decades in machining composites. Using the latest technologies, we manufacture precision parts with the tightest tolerances at our Augsburg and Bradford facilities.

Von Roll Bearbeitung Verbundwerkstoffe

With our wide range of self-developed resins and substrates, we can produce composites in an almost unlimited number of combinations. This variety enables us to offer exactly the right material for every application. Just as we serve our most demanding customers in the aerospace, medical, nuclear, automotive and electrical industries.

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  • Standort Augsburg Von Roll
  • Standort Bradford Von Roll

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