Products for protection and safety by Von Roll
Products for protection and safety by Von Roll




As a specialist for composite materials, we successfully use our vast experience in working with duroplastic materials for ballistic protection and safety. Not only do we offer ready-made products, but we also support our customers with the development and testing of new solutions in our own laboratory.

In addition to their excellent ballistic protection, our Para-Lite® and Durapreg® product lines meet the highest mechanical requirements, can be adapted to individual application requirements and are characterized by:

  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Flame retardancy
  • Flexibility
  • Approved and tested components

Flexibly matched

Ballistic prepregs used for protective vests and helmets

Ballistic prepregs

For personal protection applications, prepregs must be flexible and at the same time very tough. In production, they must be easy to handle and suitable for cost-effective series production. The degree of impregnation and the selection of the appropriate fabric are decisive for application and processability.

With the Durapreg® product line, we offer prepregs based on strong aramide fabric that meet the high requirements for hard, ballistic protection as well as flexibility in processing. Durapreg® prepregs are used for cost-efficient series production of helmets and inserts in protective vests. They fully meet all levels of NIJ 0101.04 standards.

Durable protective laminates for military and police

Laminates and machined parts

Lightweight, self-extinguishing and corrosion-resistant materials are needed for ballistic protection in the transportation sector.

Von Roll has developed the products Para-Lite® Flex, Para-Lite® 65400 and PGR 20, as laminates and machined parts, with an excellent performance-to-weight ratio. They are particularly suitable for mobile applications, such as armored military and police vehicles and VIP vehicles.

These products also have many other applications, such as ballistic protection for bank terminals, police stations, transmission centers and special containers.

Woman in our analytics laboratory

We help you meet the most complex requirements

Are you looking for a partner to develop the right ballistic protection?

We can help you solve complex problems by producing samples in our factory, testing them in the analytical laboratory and providing the right solution. In addition, Von Roll has comprehensive processing capabilities, such as large presses with up to 400 bar for the production of ballistic sheets or even special samples.

Our portfolio of equipment, composite materials, processes, test methodologies and measurement data enables us to develop and manufacture customized solutions according to international ballistic standards such as STANAG, EN, NIJ and NFP.