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As a service provider for our research department and for our customers, the analytical laboratory forms the indispensable backbone for successful research and development. We guarantee the efficient development and quality control of products and raw materials. Do you need support in your qualification programs? We provide you with findings that will help you get ahead.

Chemical analyses are our lifeblood in the laboratory. In addition, we test materials for physical and electrical properties, mechanical strength as well as aging behavior according to global standards. This combination of methodologies enables top technological performance.

Our modern analytical laboratory works closely with the Von Roll Institute and the Innovation Lab. It is connected to all departments along the entire value chain — from raw material purchasing to production and customer support.

Selected methods from our 360° approach

Time- and temperature-dependent difference between the heat flows of the sample and the reference to determine melting or crystallization processes, as well as glass transitions. DSC can also be used to measure specific heat capacities and to monitor chemical reactions or other processes.

Temperature- and frequency-dependent determination of viscoelastic (damping) material properties, mainly of polymeric materials. DMA is the most accurate and most sensitive method for determining the glass transition temperature of polymers. The method allows for the verification of the curing or post-curing of reactive resins.

Rheology is used to study the deformation and flow behavior of materials under the action of forces. Diluted polymer solutions as well as polymer melts and solid polymers can be measured. Their viscosity and viscoelasticity depend on the mechanical load and the temperature.

TGA measures the change in mass of a sample during defined heating, cooling, or a constant temperature. The decrease (evaporation, decomposition) or increase (oxidation) in weight and the temperature at which the weight change occurs provides important information about the composition of a substance.

TMA is used to measure dimensional changes of a sample as a function of temperature. Among other things, the method allows the determination of expansion coefficients and the glass transition temperature.

In this method, the polymer molecules are separated based on their hydrodynamic volume. Using calibration standards, the relative molecular weights in the polymer sample can be determined.

FT-IR is a powerful method to analyze the chemical composition of organic substances. An IR spectrum is recorded using mid-infrared light (wavenumber: 4000–400 cm‑1 wavelength 2.5–25 µm). The position and intensity of the transmission bands provide information about the infrared active functional groups in the sample and thus facilitate the identification of the substance.

DEA is a method for studying the viscosity and curing state of duromers, adhesives, coatings, and composites by measuring changes in their dielectric properties.

This test is used to determine the tackiness of flexible impregnated materials, such as insulating tapes. In this way, we ensure perfect processability and optimal handling for our customers.

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