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The reduction of CO2 emissions is of central importance not only for the automotive industry, but also for the aviation industry. In addition, the environmental compatibility of materials in use is moving into regulatory focus. This applies to structural components as well as to interior cabin design.

A technological break-through

As experts in the chemical formulation and manufacturing of composites, Von Roll has achieved a quantum leap in materials research. Using AI-powered tools and cutting-edge analytical technology, our top team has developed an innovative resin system that offers unique advantages.

It is free of harmful substances such as anhydrides, phenols and solvents. At the same time, it easily exceeds the demanding aerospace requirements for mechanical strength and fire protection. In addition, it is particularly easy to process and transport and store non-refrigerated compared to commercially available phenol-based alternatives.

NxtGen composites for the interior cabin

Our newly developed resin system is the origin of a whole new product family. Under the Von Roll NxtGen brand, we are currently launching various prepregs as well as core filler compounds for the interior cabin on the global market. In this context, we are cooperating with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

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