Our broad mechanical machining capabilities and manufacturing processes also enable us to offer you machined and finished components with the highest quality standards in both small and large series.

The range of possible combinations of our own resin formulations and substrates guarantees that we can offer exactly the material that promises the best results in your application.

However, our excellent materials science and state-of-the-art equipment enable us not only to manufacture semi-finished products, but also to offer ready-to-use and fully tested components as a full service.

Our production site in Bradford

Our machining methods

Our machinery and post-processing facilities produce complex components for you. As a composite material developer, we have a large number of measuring methods that exceed market standards — a guarantee for the best quality. Our services form a modular system from which you can select exactly the processes that will perfect your component.

We are happy to discuss manufacturing tolerances with you and help you develop your components as well as define quality and tolerance requirements for your application.

Prototyping with the help of a 3D printer


We support you right from the start of the project through prototyping to series production. In the process, we can use 3D printing technology to create prototypes for the mechanical fit in your assembly. In parallel, our experts advise you on selecting the right material from our wide range of composite materials or co-develop a tailor-made solution with you. Once the component design and material choices have been made, we produce prototypes for you in small batches. We can test these directly in our laboratories to ensure that they meet your specifications or deliver them directly to you.

Engineers working with CAD CAM

Engineering, design and planning with CAD/CAM

Our «Engineering & Scheduling» department programs complex components using CAD/CAM and then simulates manufacturing processes to determine exact run times. Our experts check your CAD-models and can even support you in application-oriented part optimization.

Our iMachining process allows to manufacture your components quickly and with efficient cycles, while increasing the quality of the finished components through particularly gentle handling of the material. Digital setup plans as well as standardized parameters and work sequences ensure 100 % reproducibility of your components.

Slot wedge machining

We can machine slot wedges in a wide variety of shapes in our modern slot wedge mills. Our wedges can be manufactured with a material thickness of down to 1 mm without compromising on strength. The key are our own composite materials which allow a sufficient number of glass fabric layers even at low material thicknesses.

Tubes and rods

Our extensive mandrel park for the production of round tubes enables the winding of tubes with inner diameters ranging from 2.3 to 540 mm and lengths up to 2200 mm. Through compression molding, we can also offer channels and solid bars and rods in various geometries. This also includes multi-component parts.

In our machine shop,…

Cutting in our machine shop in Augsburg

In our sawmills, plates, tubes, rods and profiles can be automatically cut to your specified dimensions. Through our large selection of composite materials, you can allow your imagination a free rein.

Grinding in our machine shop

On various grinding machines, entire sheets or individual cut pieces can be ground to a tightly toleranced and uniform thickness. The final surface roughness can be adjusted to your needs via the grit size of the abrasive.

Wet grinding machines, such as the Elb gantryLine, enable a high-quality grinding result in a one-piece workflow.

Milling in our machine shop

Our machine park includes multiple milling machines. Among them are, for example, modern and brand-leading 5‑axis simultaneous CNC machining centers, such as the DMU 85 monoBlock.

With our particularly gentle iMachining process, components of the highest quality can be created with short machining times.

We also machine special components with ease. Our machines allow us to create both straight and helical gears. We draw in the keyway for a feather key according to your requirements.

Photo of a Multi-axis CNC lathes

We have numerous CNC lathes, which are characterized by large clamping diameters of up to 1200 mm and multi-axis machining. The multi-axis technology enables us to manufacture even complex components in a short time and with the highest precision. Automatic tool exchange and driven tools are standard and ensure the best quality in series production.

We apply a metric or imperial thread to rectangular as well as round bars — both right-handed and left-handed.

Coating metal parts at Von Roll

From simple sealing to sophisticated electrical coatings, our experts can help you enhance your components with coatings, paints, and finishes.

Tagging and labeling

To facilitate component use and further processing, we can mark the finished components with model identification information or similar by means of adhesive labels, thermal transfer printing or laser marking.

Furthermore, we can stamp your components according to aviation standards with a special ink to achieve a long-lasting and gentle marking.

Testing and measurements

State-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment guarantees the compliance with special requirements in demanding industries.

Starting with 2D and 3D coordinate measuring technology directly in the machining center, we can perform automated quality control of your components.

Furthermore, outside the machining equipment, we can put your component through its paces in a climate-controlled environment.