We combine the expertise of the world market leader for high-voltage insulation systems, leading competence in the formulation and fabrication of high-performance composite materials, and many years of experience in the production of machined parts in one company.

Thus, we can offer the right solutions for the individual requirements of our customers. Our system approach ensures that all parts of the rotating machine are tuned to each other.

Selected application examples

Strength is required for slot wedges to fix the winding in the slot. Parts made of Vetronit®, conductive or non-conductive, are the best choice for this purpose.

Compared to non-magnetic parts, magnetic slot wedges achieve an even higher efficiency of the machine, since the magnetic field is not disturbed. Our Vetroferrit® laminates carefully match the magnetic and mechanical properties.

Machined parts made of Vetronit®, Polyfibrit® or Durapol® laminates are used for a wide range of applications in rotors and stators of rotating high-voltage machines, for example spacers and slot wedges.

At Von Roll, we offer the entire value chain from resin formulation, prepreg and pressing to machining to tight tolerances, all from a single source.

Our Polyglas® banding tapes are far superior to traditional steel banding in fixing the rotor windings. The entire package becomes lighter and the electrical insulation properties prevent eddy currents. Delivered in a soft and flexible state, the bands form a rigid ring after curing, with excellent tensile strength and resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

  • Insulating systems for high-voltage
    rotating machines

    Von Roll is committed to creating added value for its customers with the insulating materials and processes used in state-of-the-art electrical high-voltage motors as well as small generators with similar design. We offer the solutions you need for higher performance and reliability together with low manufacturing costs.

    No matter what the precise requirements of your machines, we have materials that will suit them using either resin-rich (RR) or vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) technologies.

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