Dolphs Von Roll Potting Resins


Our Damival® and Dolphon® potting resins reliably protect electric motors, electronic assemblies as well as components from environmental influences while providing an outstanding heat dissipation. The latest potting systems are free of hazardous substances and feature above-average temperature resistance coupled with highest thermal conductivity.

The core competence of Dolph’s® portfolio is represented by hot- and cold-curing solutions based on epoxy and polyurethane, which can be customized to the respective applications and processes at the customer’s request.

Products and solutions

flexible potting solutions

When protecting sensitive components from external, environmental influences and vibration, flexible or soft cold-curing potting solutions are usually used.

Dolph’s® potting resins offer easy processability and fast curing combined with exceptional cycle and temperature resistance.

Typical applications in the electronics and automotive industries are the protection of electronic assemblies through excellent heat dissipation, as well as the fixation of battery cells.

Semi-flexible potting solutions

Semi-flexible potting resins are usually used for the reliable protection of electrical and electronic components such as motors, capacitors or even inductors.

Our cold- and hot-curing Dolph’s potting resins are characterized by their extreme ease of processing combined with high thermal conductivity, crack-free curing, and high cycle resistance.

Hard potting solutions

Extremely hard and resistant potting resins are mostly used to protect engines and generators that are subjected to higher strain, such as those used in industrial applications but also in the luxury car segment. Here, reliable protection and excellent heat dissipation are crucial factors.

Our Dolph’s heat-curing potting resins offer ease of processing coupled with superior thermal conductivity. They also feature crack-free curing to improve efficiency and reduce partial discharges.