Von Roll offers a comprehensive spectrum of composites materials available in different forms: flexible or rigid, in prepregs, sheets and long plates, tubes and cylinders and machined parts. Composites properties are optimized and consolidated by combining various substrates and resins in order to achieve the best results for use in the electro-technical and industrial applications or to replace other materials.

Your benefits

  • An endless variety of composites for a large choice of application
  • Excellent dielectric and mechanical properties
  • High-thermal and corrosion resistance
  • Extreme mechanical load-bearing capacity
  • Availability of flame-retardant and halogen-free products
  • Light weight
  • Environmentally friendly

Von Roll has extended its portfolio of composite materials used in aircraft, trains and ships, and is now introducing a next-generation core filler ideally suited for sandwich panels. 

Von Roll core filling compound is used for edge sealing and local reinforcement of honeycomb sandwich panels. These structures are often used in the aerospace industry because of their light weight and can be found inside the aircraft, e.g. in seats, side walls, overhead bins, galleys and floor panels.


  • One-component system
  • Free of harmful halogens and anhydrides
  • Can be stored for extended periods, even at room temperature and in open containers
  • Easy to apply, especially for automated potting
  • Enables safer and more efficient production
  • Meets all relevant specifications for aircraft interiors

Von Roll has extended its portfolio of composite materials used in aircraft, trains and ships, and now offers a next-generation epoxy prepreg ideally suited for a variety of parts in aircraft interiors.

Compared to the phenolic prepregs widely used today, Von Roll’s next-generation epoxy prepregs have considerable advantages with respect to processing and properties. Because the prepregs are solvent-free and no water is released during curing, surface quality is significantly improved and it is possible to work with hot-in hot-out cycles. This, along with a virtually unlimited shelf life at ambient temperature, boosts the efficiency of the production process.


  • Free of harmful halogens and solvents
  • Can be stored for extended periods, even at room temperature
  • No volatile release during curing
  • Fast and flexible curing cycles
  • Good surface quality
  • Meet relevant specifications for aircraft interiors
  •  Provide superior mechanical strength over phenolic systems

Von Roll produces a wide range of very flexible impregnated B-stage products for curing destined to different applications and available in various combinations.

  • Vetronite® prepregs with high mechanical strength even at elevated temperatures and very good electrical properties, mainly for applications in aircraft, railway and ships
  • Canevasite® prepregs with high mechanical strength and excellent for sliding applications.
  • Dellite® prepregs, a good choice for electrical insulation and lightweight structures
  • ECG carbon prepregs with extremely high mechanical strength and high modulus of elasticity
  • Vetroferrit® prepregs for production of magnetic slot wedges in electric motors
  • Durapreg® prepregs for defense and security


Laminates are manufactured using low-pressure process using glass mat or chopped glass as a reinforcement material bonded with a polyester or epoxy resin system. Laminates are widely used in the electro-mechanical industries. Special qualities were also developed for the electronic industry and for thermal protection. Those products are attractive for their good mechanical and electrical properties, and their resistance against corrosion at high-temperature levels

They are known under following grades:

  • Polyester laminates are requested for their outstanding electrical insulation properties and for their mechanical properties.
  • Epoxy product range combines good insulating properties with high mechanical strength characteristics
Low-pressure laminate

Laminates are produced using high-pressure techniques and are based on B-stage prepregs made from various reinforcements (glass, carbon, cotton, paper, aramid) and appropriate resin systems (epoxy, phenol, silicone). They are used in a wide field of industrial, electrical and thermal applications. Our product range combines glass cloth and various resin systems are suitable for a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and thermal insulating applications.

  • Products developed for their specific thermal insulation properties
  • Product range combines cellulose paper substrate and epoxy or phenolic resin system with low  smoke toxicity and lightweight structure.
  • Product range based on different cotton cloth and phenolic resin systems with good mechanical strength and sliding properties.
  • Para-Lite® products based on polypropylene, aramid, and other very specific substrates for special ballistic applications.

Von Roll is able to supply an extensive range of top-quality tubes and cylinders made from various reinforcement materials, such as glass fabric, glass mat, cotton, paper, aramid, polypropylene and HiPer-tex™. Materials are bonded with resin systems such as phenolic, silicone, polyester and epoxy. Depending on the grades, they can be supplied varnished or unvarnished in a very wide range of diameters and lengths, in standard sizes or made specially to customer specifications.

  • Vetronite® tubes. Phenol, epoxy or silicone resins with glass cloth reinforcement. Very high mechanical strength even at elevated temperatures and very good electrical properties.
  • Canevasite® tubes. Phenol resins with cotton cloth reinforcement. High mechanical strength and excellent for sliding applications.
  • Dellite® tubes. Phenol resin with reinforced with cellulose paper. Especially suited for electrical insulation and lightweight structures.
  • Samicanite®/Samicatherm® tubes. Silicone or epoxy resin with Samica®mica paper for electrical insulation at high temperatures.
  • Duratex® tubes. Phenol or epoxy resin with reinforcement of cotton cloth. Special grades for hydraulic guide rings and miniature ball-bearing cages.
  • ACG tubes. Epoxy resin with hybrid cloth for heavy duty guiding elements.
  • Para-Lite® PP tubes based on polypropylene fabric for ballistic application

Based on various reinforcement materials and resin systems, U&L parts are high-performance machined components for use in rotors of large generators, in stators of large traction motors and windmills.

U&L profiles