Increasing the on-board voltage to 800 V is considered an important tool for extending the range of electric vehicles.

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Increasing the on-board voltage to 800 V is considered an important tool for extending the range of electric vehicles and massively accelerating charging times. As a result, long distance trips of 700 km non-stop are possible. Recharging breaks are reduced to less than 15 minutes.

Effects of high-voltage

Doubling the voltage to 800 V results in completely new engineering constraints for the design of the electric drive, the battery, and the vehicle’s electronics. A redesign of all electrical components is necessary. This is where Von Roll’s many years of expertise as the world market leader for electrical insulation systems of high-voltage applications comes into its own. We know how to master the special phenomena of high voltage, such as partial discharge, thermal stress, and high mechanical load.

Answers based on a system

We have adapted and systematically improved our insulation systems and resin solutions for 800 volt systems in electric vehicles. Thus, our products increase the longevity, efficiency, and performance of e‑drives and batteries significantly.

Our solutions are 100 % partial discharge resistant. This ensures reliable and long-term protection of the motor, in particular, against the high voltage peaks that typically occur in connection with 800 V and the use of electrical inverters.

At the same time, our systems ensure optimum heat dissipation — thus enabling a more compact design for motors and batteries.

In series production, our solutions offer unique advantages such as short cycle times and maximum environmental friendliness at attractive costs.