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  • Veräussertes Gelände am Standort Breitenbach

    Sale of non-operational land at the Breitenbach site

    The Von Roll Group has succeeded in selling the land at the Breitenbach site that has been unused for years. The buyer is Steiner Investment Foundation, which works closely with Steiner AG, one of the largest real estate developers in Switzerland.

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  • Geschaeftsbericht 2020 Titelbild quadratisch

    Von Roll used the past fiscal year affected by Covid-19 to make major structural adjustments

    Von Roll Group’s business was negatively impacted by external influences in 2020. Difficult circumstances experienced by our customers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant drop in demand in almost all product segments and regions.

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  • Halbjahresbericht 2020 Titelbild

    Von Roll with decline in sales and special effects in the first half-year

    The ongoing Covid-19-crisis and the special effects from the two discontinued sites in France (Delle) had a negative impact on our results, particularly in the second quarter of 2020, leading to an operating income (EBIT) for the Von Roll Group of CHF ‑10.9 million. Before special effects from the discontinuation…

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  • Manufacture of electrical wire coils

    Von Roll reinforces its presence in india and receives a major order from the wind industry

    Von Roll is turning its existing plant in Bangalore into the most modern production facility for electric wire coils in India. CEO Christian Hennerkes says, “With the latest investments in India, we are strengthening our leading position as a producer of integrated and ready-to-install system components. This move makes Von…

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  • Electromobility graphic

    Von Roll wins another major deal in the e-mobility industry

    Von Roll Automotive will be supplying Audi’s future electric vehicle systems with insulating components for electric drives. The nomination is associated with a contract volume in the double-digit million euro range.

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  • World map

    Von Roll spins-off two loss-making production sites in france

    During the course of the Corona crisis, the Von Roll Group has critically reviewed all global activities in order to focus its human and financial resources within the Group even stronger on business areas with a high future potential.

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  • Halbjahresbericht-2019-Titelbild

    Von Roll returns to profitability despite difficult markets

    In the financial year 2019, despite a difficult market environment, the Von Roll Group was able to benefit from all optimization activities implemented in recent years and, for the first time in eight years, achieved a positive Group result after tax of CHF 3.3 million.

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  • Electromobility graphic

    Von Roll automotive receives major order

    Ein Jahr nach Markteintritt erreicht Von Roll Automotive mit neu entwickelten Isolationslösungen für elektrische Antriebsmotoren und Hochvolt-Batterien wichtige Meilensteine in einem herausfordernden Marktumfeld.

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  • Geschaeftsbericht-2018-Titelbild

    Von Roll successfully continues recovery trend in 2018

    In the financial year 2018, Von Roll successfully continued its recovery trend and significantly improved key performance indicators.

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  • Bills and coins

    Von Roll: reinforcement of capital structure lays foundations for further growth

    Considering the positive development in operating performance, the majority shareholder has decided to convert the convertible bonds it holds with a total nominal value of CHF 163,355,000.

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  • IATF certification for Shanghai

    Von Roll Shanghai was awarded IATF certification and lands major order

    Von Roll reports today that its Von Roll Shanghai Co. Ltd. plant in China has been awarded the official IATF (International Automotive Task Force) certification. The IATF Directive is an independent standard for the automotive industry, based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and dedicated to harmonizing standards to improve…

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  • Car during the ride

    Von Roll an Renault strengthen their partnership for new electric vehicle business

    Von Roll Holding AG announced today that a new five-year supply contract has been signed between Renault and Von Roll France SA. Von Roll already supplies products for the Renault ZOE, the company’s electric car model, which is a pioneering breakthrough in the area of e‑mobility.

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