Von Roll: reinforcement of capital structure lays foundations for further growth

Considering the positive development in operating performance, the majority shareholder has decided to convert the convertible bonds it holds with a total nominal value of CHF 163,355,000.

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This results in a significant strengthening of the capital base of Von Roll and leads to an equity ratio of more than 68%. CEO Dr. Christian Hennerkes comments: “We regard this step as a strong proof of trust which opens up completely new opportunities for the ongoing strategic realignment of the Group. In addition, the stronger equity base together with the improved operating cash flow will enable us to approach also non-organic growth in the future”.

At the same time, Von Roll continues to systematically expand its product portfolio and to transform its decades of expertise in the field of electrical and thermal insulation into the rapidly growing market for e‑mobility.

The conversion will increase net income by CHF 6 million annually from 2019.

Notice of conversion:

Breitenbach, 10 December 2018 — Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG, lead manager and conversion agent of Von Roll Holding AG, announced on 7 December 2018 that on 7 December 2018, in connection with the convertible bond issued by Von Roll Holding AG on 18 June 2014 with an issue volume of CHF 61,000,000 and a due date of 18 June 2020 CHF 14,895,000 of the outstanding CHF 21,000,000 and in connection with the convertible bond issued by Von Roll Holding Ltd on 11 April 2016 with an issue volume of CHF 150,000,000 and with due date 11 April 2022 CHF 148,460,000 of the outstanding CHF 149,567,000 were converted.

Based on the figures published in the half-year financial statements, this leads to an increase in shareholders’ equity of CHF 147,740,000 from CHF 107,935,000 to CHF 255,675,000. The share capital listed in the Commercial Register will increase from a nominal value of CHF 20,176,855.50, corresponding to 201,768,555 bearer shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.10 each, to a nominal value of CHF 35,654,480.40, corresponding to 356,544,804 bearer shares, as a result of the conversions mentioned above and already received earlier in the year.


About Von Roll Holding AG: As a Swiss industrial company, Von Roll Holding AG focuses on products and systems for power generation, transmission, storage and distribution. Von Roll is a global market leader for electrical insulation products, systems and services and has a worldwide presence in 14 production sites with 1,450 employees. The company supplies customers in over 80 countries.



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This press release is based on information currently available. Unforeseeable risks and influences may lead to discrepancies with the statements made here. For more information on the company and its business performance, please refer to the Annual and Semi-Annual Report of Von Roll Holding AG which is available in digital form at https://www.vonroll.com/en/.