One of the most important battery start-ups in europe relies on Von Roll

After an extensive selection process, the battery cell manufacturer Automotive Cells Company (ACC) decided in favour of the “Shield T” product family developed by Von Roll for the thermal management and fire protection of its batteries. The series order has a total volume of around 40 million Euros, start of production is being planned for 2024. By working with ACC Von Roll is strengthening its position as a supplier of innovative products for the e‑mobility industry.

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Batterie Start Up entscheidet sich für Von Roll

Increasing the performance of modern batteries for electric vehicles is one of the biggest challenges, if the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is to succeed as planned. Heat Management as well as fire protection are of crucial importance in order to achieve this goal and require innovative solutions. The cell separator elements of the newly developed “Shield T‑41” product family by Von Roll offer convincing technical properties at an attractive price/performance ratio.

Von Roll is looking forward to the new partnership with ACC. “We are very proud of our new Shield T‑41 product family and convinced, that it will provide a crucial advantage for the development and the production of innovative, high-performance batteries at ACC”, explains Von Roll CEO Dr. Christian Hennerkes. He adds: “The global market for new and improved solutions for the thermal management of modern batteries has a huge potential for future growth.”

Automotive Cells Company’s (ACC) decision for the solution by Von Roll came after an extensive selection process. ACC is one of the most noticeable battery start-ups in Europe and a joint venture of automotive companies Stellantis and Mercedes-Benz and the oil company TotalEnergies. The fast-growing company is working on next-generation, high-performance lithium-ion batteries with longer ranges and shorter charging times. To achieve this goal, ACC now relies on Von Roll’s expertise in the field of e‑mobility.


About Von Roll Holding AG

Von Roll is one of the longest-standing Swiss companies, whose roots go back to the year 1803. Its IPO in 1823 makes Von Roll one of the oldest stock corporations in Switzerland. During its long company history Von Roll had to constantly adapt to the ever-changing market environment. That is how it turned from the biggest player in the Swiss steel and iron industry into a ultra-modern industrial company that contributes to the energy transition with its innovative research.

Today, Von Roll is the global market leader for electrical insulation systems that are used for the largest wind turbines. It develops high-performance materials for the next generation of batteries in the field of e‑mobility and produces extremely durable lightweight components for the aircraft industry. With 14 locations worldwide and around 1.000 employees, the group serves customers in more than 80 countries.


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