Von Roll reports positive result for the first half of 2017

For the first half of 2017, the Von Roll Group is reporting a positive EBIT of CHF 7.3 million (previous year: CHF −5.4 million), thus continuing the encouraging trend of the first quarter.

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Titelbild des Halbjahresberichtes 2017

The ongoing activities of the Swiss global market leader for electrical insulation made pleasing progress in the first six months of the financial year. Order intake increased by 8.1% up to CHF 186.4 million year on year, while total sales rose by 1.5% to CHF 176.8 million.

The main key financial ratios such as the net result, at CHF 0.4 million (previous year: CHF −11.1 million), and the operating cash flow, at CHF 0.2 million (previous year: CHF −2.6 million), also show a clear improvement.

The positive business trend is based on a stable market environment and the programmes to increase efficiency in sales and production launched in the last financial year, which resulted in a gross margin increase of 2.9 percentage points to 20.4% (previous year: 17.5%).

To reach our mid-term profit target – a sustainable EBIT margin of over 8% – the Von Roll Group will continue to rigorously follow the path it has chosen and examine and implement any further structural changes that might become necessary.

Key figures

Key figures
in CHF 1 000

1H 2017

1H 2016 (angepasst)


Order intake

186 375

172 385


Net sales

176 752

174 098


thereof Insulation

120 799

118 979


thereof Composites

53 227

51 309


thereof other activities

2 726

3 810



7 311

‑5 384


Net income for the period


‑11 134


Cash flow from operating activities


‑12 583


Equity ratio (%)



14,0 ppt

Number of employees (FTE)

1 601

1 856


Further information can be found in the Semi-Annual Report 2017. This is available in digital form at http://www.vonrollgroup.com/en/.


About Von Roll Holding AG: As a Swiss industrial company, Von Roll Holding AG focuses on products and systems for power generation, transmission, storage and distribution. Von Roll is a global market leader for electrical insulation products, systems and services and has a worldwide presence in 26 sites with around 1,600 employees.



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This press release is based on information currently available. Unforeseeable risks and influences may lead to discrepancies with the statements made here. For more information on the company and its business performance, please refer to the Annual and Semi-Annual Report of Von Roll Holding AG which is available in digital form at https://www.vonroll.com/en/.