Recruit­ment Fraud

What is recruit­ment fraud?

Frauds­ters pre­ten­ding to work for or on behalf of Von Roll offer fic­ti­tious job oppor­tu­nities through various chan­nels, such as job postings on legi­ti­mate job boards or social media, job postings using frau­du­lent web­sites, or through unso­li­ci­ted e‑mails clai­ming to be from Von Roll.


How to iden­tify a recruit­ment fraud?

Frau­du­lent efforts include, but are not limi­ted to:

  • - Job offers for jobs you have not app­lied to or have not been inter­viewed for.

    • - Requests for per­so­nal infor­ma­tion early in the pro­cess inclu­ding your address, date of birth, pass­port infor­ma­tion, social secu­rity num­ber, or ban­king details or even paying for work    equip­ment in advance.

- Use of e‑mail addres­ses or web pages other than the offi­cial Von Roll domain (vonroll.com).


How to verify the authen­ti­city of Von Roll job postings / offers?

  • - All open roles will also be publis­hed on vonroll.com.

- All offi­cial Von Roll recruit­ment emails will come from email addres­ses for­mat­ted as prename.surname@vonroll.com.

  • - We will never ask you for money or irrelevant/unnecessary per­so­nal infor­ma­tion, such as your pass­port or ID card before you suc­cess­fully com­ple­ted our app­li­ca­tion process.

- We will never ask you to pay for working equip­ment or send you checks to do so.

- If you are unsure about the legi­ti­macy of a job offer, please con­tact our recruit­ment team directly.