• Battery Composite Cover Sheet

    Battery Products

    Von Roll is the global leader in electrical and thermal insulation solutions in the automotive, energy and industrial sectors, providing solutions to new trends.

  • Cover Sheet Shiel-T Products

    Shield-T Products for Battery Protection

    Von Roll is a market leader in thermal and electrical insulation materials. Special products are available for satisfy the need of the emerging urban air mobility market, especially for battery protection.

  • Deckblatt Broschure Battery Solutions

    Battery Solutions

    For high-volume productions, a combination of venting cap protection and bottom part fixation potting can be a very effective solution because there is no need for additional products like gap-fillers, gap-pads, structural adhesives, or mechanical fixation.

  • Cover of Flyer "products for e-mobility and automotive industry"

    Products and solutions for the E-Mobility and Automotive Industry

    As one of the oldest industrial companies in Switzerland, founded in 1803, we focus on products and systems for power generation, transmission and distribution, rotating machines and mechanical engineering.